This industry owes a HUGE thanks today

Whether you agree or not our industry has a high population of our Veterans.  The protection industry has been a home for Veterans for as long as I have been in it.  In fact, it was Mark Fair [USMC] a Veteran that gave me my first break in this industry, who I view as a brother to me and close business associate. There will never be an argument as to why there was and still remains an attraction for our veterans to land here but clearly it falls in line to what they were sworn to do – SERVE.

In the PSD platform the veteran ratio to non veteran is higher than that of corporate/dignitary or on the entertainment side of protection.  If you understand the mission sets then you’ll understand why the numbers are different.  Companies like Blackwater, Triple Canopy were started and run by veterans and only sought after other veterans.  Veterans have survived our recent wars and come to our industry and have lost their lives protecting others.  Others veterans have come to our industry and are now Go To Experts.  No matter how you chop it up, our veterans have had an impact on every facet of our society.  Every company and specialist in this industry should understand the importance of today in our personal lives and that of our beloved CRAFT.  Today BPI Security reserves this day to SALUTES YOU ALL.

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