This week in protection – results are in!

After some thought about changing the format of the BPI Security YouTube weekly announcement, yesterday’s results and comments were GREAT! In the past I only pushed the videos on my social media channels. However yesterday I also sent the videos to my registered newsletter subscribers.

The result was that everyone enjoyed the new format. I researched many options on delivery that would incorporate my message with a less Preacher at altar approach. In yesterday’s broadcast you actually saw snippets of my personality when I’m amongst friends and colleagues away from the details, client meetings etc. In fact when I spoke to Mark Fair he said he thought it was me talking to him at the cigar lounge. Anyone who has spent 5 minutes with me will tell you that I have a much lighter side to me and that I am forever cracking jokes EXCEPT when it comes to the industry.

The video responses flooded my in boxes and many posts on social media. Next weeks will be even better and I’ve already started my story board with information and news that has come up since the broadcast on Friday.

This upcoming week will be funnier and more serious at the same time. There is a trend starting that I will address head on with a comedic twist. A word to the wise, do not watch this week’s video while you are drinking your favorite beverage. I will not be responsible nor replace your computer or smartphone when you get your equipment wet

If there is any industry related material that you feel should make the broadcast, send me the link to ekonohia@bpigroupusa.com.

Enjoy your Saturday.


  1. No Chow

    Eric, great podcast. I’ll admit, it is the first one I’ve sat and watched, but I enjoyed it and will be watching from here on out.

  2. Josh Lee

    I really enjoyed it! The mix of humor and business is a great touch. This is a serious business, but it’s important to enjoy the ride and have a good time along the way! Well done Eric!

    1. Eric Konohia

      Thanks Josh and Chris

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