Too much in-fighting and back biting – Professionals (?)

Over the past few months it has become so disheartening to witness/read the constant back biting and in-fighting going on with social media.  People will resort to “post attacks” over simple and sometimes even stupid topics like- leather over kydex, fountain pen over ball point.  Just plain stupid. Yea I said it.  Your opinion is your opinion but if you fail to back that up with something tangible that most people can view and say, “I never looked at it like that” or “I can appreciate that point of you view”, in the minds of many you are just spewing information.

I have refrained from many topics because my internal warning mechanisms sound off because I can foresee a topic that will be driven off the cliff at a high rate well before it gets started.  The irony is that there are specialists that have picked up on that and will direct message me for my perspective.  As I have mentioned before, the armed/unarmed topic is off the table for me on those pages.  It amazes me that anyone cannot remain civil in a conversation amongst so-called professionals that you would attack a verified and certified leader and expert, WHO has over 200+ confirmed successful runs in a known High threat environment about HIS expertise and bailiwick.  That baffles me to no end.  So what’s the end result?  The apprentice and journeymen suffer from his absence and sage input.  So rather than shut you down and fall into your trappings he “bounds” back [not retreat]and designates the site as hostile environment populated with unfriendlies.  That’s the real professional here.

Meanwhile the self imploding continues mainly from disgruntled, unhappy so-called high speed low drag personalities that sit back do what what Mark James so eloquently coined as “social media sniping.”  The worse part is that the shots are blue on blue.  This has to stop or other remedies need to be incorporated.  Somewhere people keep forgetting the fact that you are your own brand and whether you believe it or not your clients and potential clients look at your Internet presence.

I evaluate a person on their performance but I JUDGE them by their actions.


  1. Simon Philibert

    Eric, I know which post your blog is about & I’m kinda sorry it turned that way cause it’s from a simple question I asked to another specialist! I never thought that a little war would start after that! True that everybody can have a different opinion & by listening to them, you can always learn something new. Being a newbie in this group, I don’t want any experienced specialist to stop sharing & commenting!

    1. Eric Konohia

      Yea Simon. The crazy part is that we all know the one guys background – legendary yet I have yet to read or hear of anything earth shattering about the other guy.

      That’s like a male nurse trying to refute Dr. Ben Carson’s procedures when he is the first and only doctor to successfully separate conjoined twins at the skull. To much sipping on your own home made wine makes you delirious.

  2. Leoma

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