Train big think small

Most EP courses have a minimum amount of seats they need to fill in order to cover their over head for instructors, venue, equipment etc. The other thing that binds that minimum number is that they tend to teach in an EP team dynamic.

What I mean is schools depend on having enough people to conduct a full complimentary detail formation when it is time to do the practical exercises like formations, arrivals and departures. There is an inability of many to dummy down from thinking big to the reality that most details may only have a driver and 1 or a driver and 2, the second specialist being a site guy.

You can teach a 5, 6 or 7 man formation with your eyes closed. But can you show how to run a “slider” from a 3 man detail. During our school we train with practical everyday applications. Every student can transcend from a full compliment down to a protective driver with close-in responsibilities.

I will say it again, it is NOT where you train but WHAT you are trained that matters. Yea I know, the more the merrier and the more you have the more fun there is. But when you are out there all alone and have to fend the wilds of protection and all of it’s nuances alone you’ll realize you never went through drown proofing. In the sink or swim scenarios that protection always seems to deal you, you’ll find yourself fighting the current. And that’s how most people drown – fighting the current. But you would know that if you learned that earlier in your career.

Go back a couple months and read the 2 man and 3 man series I blogged about and see for yourself. You didn’t learn that anywhere but here.

The reality is this, working alone is a crisis waiting to happen for the untrained. Working alone is actually working with a very close adversary-Mr Murphy. He is always looming in the horror of the shade waiting for the opportunity to expose what you didn’t learn.

The crime in all of this is that many of you have gotten away with working alone and think you’ve got it licked. Newsflash- your day will come. It happens to all of us.

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  1. Bruce D

    I’m here today to tell everybody in our small EP community, that Eric Konohia is one of the FEW TRUE PROFESSIONALS whom actully lives by his creed. Eric always quotes on his blog and in person that “your networth is only as good as your network”. With that being said he lives by this creed he teaches on a daily basis.

    Eric was able to put you me in touch with the right people to assist me on a up coming detail. And I would like to validate many of this rants he speaks about . There are many so called experts and professionals in this business that are not there for anything or anybody but themselves. But not Eric. He is in a very small group of people that I truely trust to make this (our) profession better.

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