Transverse hybridization

If you follow any version of the premise that there are differences in protection methodologies between the corporate and entertainment environments then you can agree that those differences, if not known could lead to problems.  For the sake of this conversation I am not focusing on the attack as I am focusing on procedural problems, that, if left unchecked or unmitigated could result in an easier target – thus an easy attack.

The list of procedural differences are not important as understanding how to transverse those differences and become a hybrid with the ability to cross-over with ease.  A post pattern in football does not change from team to team, league to league, boys club to high school to college to the professional level.  What changes is timing, and other tactics implemented to make the post pattern effective at each level.  How does the post pattern get interrupted……by interrupting the timing.  Coverage packages vary from team to team and coach to coach.  A great cover guy can work each side of the field AND is normally assigned against the opposing teams best receiver.

A transverse hybrid specialist can work both environments without having a period of instruction or being shadowed.  If your niche market is focused in a niche market that is saturated by others like you does it not make sense to go through transverse hybridization?  Training to both sides not only increases your relative client base but also increases your networking capabilities thus increasing your net-worth.

This is a very viable increase.  Just this past week a female specialist that is a member of the Facebook NABA page attended the recent EPI course in VA.  I did not ask why she chose to take that course, but knowing a little about her past training she just accomplished transverse hybridization.  Derrick “Yogi” Collins did the same about 3 weeks ago.  One dimensional or multi-dimensional?  You choose!!!!


  1. Einar Myklebust

    Cross training or transverse hybridization is done in many industries, and many sports and I have yet to find a single situation where it is not an advantage. As for the difference from corporate to celebrity since I am not a EP specialist there are limits as to how far I am willing to insert foot in an open forum 🙂 I will send you those in an email any comment on my observations would be much appreciated 🙂


    1. Eric Konohia

      I got your email and will respond within a day

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