Truth AND consequences

I have posted, blogged, and taped examples of improper social media behavior more times than I can remember.  I will never understand why some specialists [often refer to themselves as experts] continue to spew language and behavior that lends a black eye to the industry.  When I say the industry I think most people’s myopic view stops at security.  When I say industry I am referring to you, me and clients that receive our services.  There is a threat chain that can affect all of us when someone goes off the reservation and refers to a client in a derogatory manner.  I could less if the person is a difficult one to deal with, it is NOT you business to say everything that runs through your brain housing group.  More importantly, I don’t want to be a part of any open source vehicle that does it.

The threat chain is the negative affect that trickles up and down the links of association.  When any specialist goes off the reservation there is a guilt by association that is assumed especially if you are seen as part of that group.  If you are protecting a very polarizing principal who has a family, the theory of the threat chain includes the wife, children and so on.  So when you have a few irresponsible vocal cowboys that go on a tirade there is an association matrix that opens up.  To that end, if I ever start a topic that seemingly goes off the reservation – I delete the strand.  Not on my watch.

But then there are others who say, “Eric, you attack people on your blog and YouTube channel.”  What I do is bring attention to behavior that is contradictory to the core principle of the industry, professionalism and ethics.  I call those out that cross over the line to la la land.  The other thing is that someone [put me in coach] has to be a voice of what is wrong.  Otherwise it leave an impression that we acquiesce to tell all books, untrained goons working and beating people, trained specialists that are unlicensed etc.  When a client makes reference to me to slam someone and kick them out of a venue, he/she feels that is what we do.  Why, because that is there understanding, but it is not mine.

Shape yourselves up.  Bar room talk is not appropriate on social media.  If you feel you cannot temper your tongues, find another forum where they don’t care.

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