We work harder, because we have to.

Ok, I’m going to make a profound statement here that may drop some jaws, make others gasp and probably tick more people off.

The title of this blog was shortened but what I am talking about is this; if you are really doing executive protection and all of the proactive measures associated with EP, you are working harder than the United States Secret Service or Department of State guys and girls and here’s why I say that.

Government agencies have a vital tool that gets them anything they want that we don’t have-authority of the badge. With that badge and the authority, the world is an endless buffet while we are eating cheese sandwiches in a brown bag.  We often gloss over how much work we have in front of us.  It is truly an uphill battle trying to convince people that what we do is important and lives depend on it.  From a private security perspective, many of the people we meet have difficulty validating private protection.  For a new specialist it can be very disconcerting when you reach the wall of difficulty.

People stop what they are doing, and all time ceases when and federal agent arrives to do an advance. We have to convince the same POC that we need their time to do the same task. Often times we have to schedule our appointments around theirs. Often times POCs won’t go out of their way
for you unless they can associate some importance or popularity of your principal. Bill Gates will get an immediate response over Mr Chuckabean- CEO of build-a-monkey.

When their principal arrives, the official team owns the environment, whereas we have to manipulate the same terrain while patrons walk amongst us. When the President arrives on location the Presidential Protection Division (PPD) is basically walking a pre-rehearsed choreography that is set forth down to the very step. Our plans get changed minute by minute, many times due to forces outside of our control.

I haven’t even begun to talk about resources and the availability, managing cars and motorcade, agents assigned versus specialists approved etc. The carnival/circus that moves with a sitting president or head of state is closely compared to a troop movement. Logistical support is an entire department whereas most private companies have one, maybe two people handling it.

Now before you get all caught up in the melee of words and read into the message and lose its content. I did NOT say that we have more responsibility than they do. So read closely. I said work harder.

There will be official protection guys that will compare paperwork and hours in this scenario and to them I say, let’s compare a template reporting system they use to a contract that has to be implemented every engagement with tweaks specific to each client.  I’ve done enough reports with the MSP to know that eventually they are basically all the same and only specifics change. An accident is an accident, a robbery is a robbery. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Ask anyone that has transitioned from official protection to the private sector and ask them how is it working for them.

Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Remember, if you are truly doing executive protection, pound for pound you are working harder. We do more with less. And remember, I did not say responsibility. There is a difference.

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