What defiles the Executive Protection Specialist-When a good guys go bad.

Yesterday I received a tweet from Tommy Smith, a recent MTMS executive protection course graduate and current BPI Security Executive Protection Specialist. The tweet asked, “What defiles and executive protection specialist?” Immediately I thought the infamous auto correct switched the word “define” to “defile” and to be quite honest no one has ever asked me that before. So I answered to both possibilities. In all of my blogs I have made it clear what an executive protection specialist isn’t but barely, if ever at all, blogged on what can defile and true specialist.

There are so many enticements, and cravings that cross our paths as we forge through professionalism and maintaining our integrity and reputation. But if I had to place one word as the root to the cause of defiling any specialist, it would be temptation. Now, before I get started, this is NOT going to be a sermon, nor am I going to get all religious on you. But the word temptation can come from so many ways, shapes and forms. There are 3 main temptations that come to mind: Shortcuts, notoriety and MONEY.

Shortcuts are self induced by the specialist whereby he/she will be tempted to put aside a portion of his/her vital requirement to an overall security package and justify it by saying, “I really don’t need to see what is on the other side of that door.” “I don’t need to drive the routes with the hired drivers, because they told me they know the area.” What happens is that each shortcut that you get away with justifies you making more and more. Eventually, you lose sight of what it is that you are trained to do as well as what you are required to do. You have defiled yourself to the point that the word specialist is infected and no longer has credence in your title.

Notoriety is a lust. Point blank! We often have an insatiable desire to be recognized and appreciated. The term “Team” is replaced with me and I. Specialists that are overwhelmed with the notoriety bug work outside their lanes and leave a gap in the overall objective of the team, and company. In the end the client maybe at risk when you decide to shoot the ball instead of passing it to someone who has a better chance of hitting the winning shot so that the Team wins. You are no better than the sum total of the team or company.

Money, is often called the root of all evil and in this industry we are not exempt. We have S.C.A.B.’s writing books with no recourse from the client base nor from the leaders of this industry. They write, publishers-publish, and people read. But I would be remise by staying on this topic. One of the biggest problems in this industry that goes unscathed is when specialists steal clients. I think that most company owners in this business have their own experiences with this. In most cases they just move on with business as usual. It has happened to me and the irony is that some of them read this blog, follow me on twitter and attached to my linkedin account. you’re asking yourself, maybe they don’t realize what they did was wrong. My answer to that is-BULLCRAP, they know!

There are probably other ways that a specialist can defile him/herself but these are the first that come to mind. For those people who come to the industry with these already in their tainted fabric, I wouldn’t call them a specialist. In this blog I am referring to those specialists that work their careers above board and are drawn in to the 3 ways I have described above.

Resist shortcuts, get your notoriety from doing your job the right way and earn your money with honor and fidelity.

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