What do you want to get from US

I have been asked if I would be available to sit down privately with several attendees of the January 20, 2013 ICON Summit.  The agenda for that day is filled to the brim however I will try to meet with everyone.  One word of caution here, this is NOT my event as I have been invited to speak on the topic, “Getting noticed by the decision makers.”  There are several attendees that are attending that I have been mentoring for the past year that I am compelled to meet with however I cannot turn this opportunity into a BPI moment.

There will be plenty of time after for some one-on-one interaction however all of us have to be fair to the other paying attendees on site.  There aren’t too many guarantees in life however there is one that I can offer.  Your mindset on the CRAFT, the industry and your approach will be changed.  I believe that was one of the intentions when Elijah put this together.  An assembly of specialists and company owners in the same place with “ACTIVE” leaders in the industry.  Every scheduled speaker is actively DOING IT and has his own historical perspective of his struggles, peaks and valleys, ebbs and flows, and ascension in the industry.  The totality of your experience at this one event will supersede any other that you may have heard or read about – TRUST THAT!

The only question left to be answered is this:  What do you want to get from the event/experience?  You have to have a primary reason for coming or you will leave with just the experience of attending.  Have an intended purpose, be tenacious about getting it and make sure you ask the questions that leave you fulfilled.


  1. Einar Myklebust

    I figured there would be plenty of time for a beer after the thing was over in the hotel bar 🙂

    1. Eric Konohia

      That’s exactly the plan

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