What is more important

As a specialist I was constantly working, and traveling and preparing for the next detail.  As a business owner nothing has changed except for the fact that there is more of it and I am the direct reason that others spend time away from their families.  We work, then we train but why do we do it, and who are we doing it for.

I only know one way and that is work hard, take care of my specialists, provide a legacy for my 3 sons and leave my name and reputation in tact.  This industry can sap you and pull you away from those that matter if you do not manage it.  I was gone so much that whenever my mother called me, following my, “Hello.” She always replied, “Where are you?” There is nothing I wouldn’t do today to hear her ask me that one more time.  Today is my mother’s first birthday after she passed last year.  In the whole scheme of what I do and what I stand for I owe much of it to her.  My mother was the epitome of PERSEVERANCE and ENDURANCE.  Her life story is the nexus of my DNA make up.  I see it now that she is gone.

Do not let this craft suck you away from what is more important.  Train hard, train often, work hard, and work professionally, but never lose site of what is more important.  This past weekend I sat down and had dinner with Derrick “Bear” Collins who had travelled to the DC area for work.  We had missed each other in the past because he was spending time with his family.  When we were planning to meet he told me that he may be bringing his grandmother with him because she traveled to Maryland with him to see his mother.  We sat, we ate and I was glad to have met him.  But in his zeal to get to the DC area to work and possibly meet me, he kept his family priorities in line.  That’s exactly what I am talking about.

What is more important in your life?

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