What others have to say about what I have said.

One of the things that I do t0 wind down from a full day of executive protection is read what other successful people are doing or have done in their successful journey.  One of the magazines I read is Inc.com.  This past issue I ran across 2 articles that reiterate what I have been preaching: Mentoring and Branding. The first article, “The difference between a mentor and a consultant” by veteran entrepreneur Norm Brodsky.  The most successful entities in this industry have mentored other successful people or are a result of being mentored.  Mentoring is probably the most critical overlooked and underestimated ingredient to success.  Pick and successful person you know and somewhere around them are people that help them in some way.



The second article written by Geil Browning, Your Brain at work|”What Your Brain Has to Do With Your Brand“. Both of these topics are overlooked by many in this industry. In my recent session on Marketing and Branding with Larry Snow of Business of Security and SJC Web Design spoke on this specific topic.  I stressed to the attendees that everyday you have to work on 2 brands: 1- your company and 2-Me.  There is no separation and if there is, you need to make that adjustment so that one means the other.

Both articles are well written and the subject matter applies to anyone that is successful as well as those striving for success.

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