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Sorry ladies and gentlemen there is no video this week due to a week long detail.  This week’s detail was the maiden voyage of the new BPI pins due to the amount of specialists used and the protectees attending.  I got a chance to interact and exchange information with new USSS agents assigned to the Sec Treasury as well as 2 retired USSS agents that now work for the Chairman of the Federal Reserve.  The conversations always start and end with people that we both know.  That’s an ice breaker and breaks down walls.  These men and women do not trust people when they are working because it’s built into their fiber.  But once you break through with a common name and a solid association, you’re in.  The site agent from the USSS was cordial until he linked up with the retired USSS, now with the Federal Reserve.  As they were going over their own movements between the 2 agencies the retire USSS agent saw me and asked the current agent, “Have you met Eric?”  The barriers were broken because the retire agent had worked with me in the past with this particular client of mine.  We have crossed paths on several occasions and attended events together.  Additionally all of the retired protection agents for the Fed were friends and former co-workers of Larry Cunningham [who I’ve featured on this blog before].

The networking phase never ends with me and each contact seemingly walks away from me feeling that I can offer them something as well.  At the very least they have a brighter vision of where they can turn to when the official road come to an end.  As I spoke to one retired USSS agent I could tell that leaving one job to the other was taking a toll on him.  He still loved what he is doing but felt that if he had made better choices prior to retiring he could be sipping on a drink with an umbrella while steady streams of income flowed in.  That said, I will be talking to a group of him and his friends on how to parlay experience into paid expectations.

The funniest moment of the week was when a female USSS agent challenged No Chow on the new BPI pins.  She stated to him, “Nice pin.” He replied, “Yours are nice too.”  The conversation went on to where she was asking what colors we used and how often we change them.  Typical OPSEC interrogatives that he played along with without giving up anything.  I told him that she was testing him.

I will be hard at getting the next week’s video out and the update on the ABCDEP certification.  The video fans have grown and I apologize for this week’s video being cancelled, but the Brand has to also be exuded in the operational side as well.

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