When information is not power

I want to go over 2 things that occur in this industry that I have experienced repeatedly so I can imagine that it has happened to others as well.  First, let’s understand what a non-disclosure means.  Depending on the scope, some NDA’s have a life span to them where others do not.  In the latter example it is better to assume that it never terminates, point blank.  What has happened in the past is that we have had principal’s that we have worked through a sub contract agreement.  For whatever reason or another the client and the primary contractor separate ties and terminate the relationship.  When the prime goes, there goes BPI.  Under no circumstances would I take on that principal as a client UNLESS the primary contract service provider allowed me to.  That has happened in the past where, they wanted to part ways with the client in a harmonious way by allowing there to be no break in personnel doing the coverage.  That is the ONLY way I would continue the coverage.  On those cases where there is a clean break and the client contracts with another local company who, for whatever reason knows we were doing the close-in, I have received calls from either the new service provider or specialists assigned to the principal asking for operational tips and personality traits of the principal.  NON-DISCLOSURE applies!

I cannot tell you about the principal’s quirks and nuances based on our exposure to him/her and, if you understood the meaning of the NDA you wouldn’t ask.  For those of you who have been on either end of this scenario, DON’T ASK and DON’T TELL.  All it will take is ONE person to say I spoke to Eric and he told me you like blah blah blah.  There is always a need for specialists trying to prove themselves to appear “all knowing” to a principal and in this scenario they would perform, act or behave in a way that would only have happened through insider information.

The second situation I want to talk about, that happens almost weekly is when I send out the alert about a detail and I give you what I have, STOP calling me to ask more questions.  Trust me when I say that if you decide to work the detail, you will have EVERYTHING you need, but NOT a minute before.  The specific details of any detail are only given to those on the detail.  I can’t remember how many times I have received calls from people outside the alert or outside my network who have called me trying to get on a detail that they should not have any knowledge of.  I have been stung hard by the catfish network by this tactic.

We all know the cliche “Information is power” and I agree with that, however there are times that information is NOT power and these are 2 of the best cases. Too much information can ruin your reputation as a service provider.  For the specialists that like to keep the chatter going, keep it up, you’re well on you way to my catfish list.

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  1. Jonathan Castro

    Accountability for your actions Ladies and Gents…. Accountability! 12 Ps

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