When you have that client’s ear – Strike the anvil HARD

As I mentioned over a week ago I completed BPI Security’s “10 Secrets to building client relationships“.  As stated these are the exact measures I use with each potential client and client relationship that I have matured.  Any one of these secrets will foster a better relationship that you have with a current client or a wayward client.  BUT when you implement all 10 you have a relationship that will last for a life.  Two of the key components of my secret is ‘Value” and “Worth”.  The people that followed my instructions for the last 2 days have these secrets in their possession and are well on their way to solidifying their relationship.

Trust me when I say that I have been in the “C.R.A.F.T. Mindset Lab” putting together valuable information for you to help catapult your career or business.  I am always careful that in whatever I put together I show you how, but more importantly WHY you should do things a certain way.  As Frank Gallagher always says, “Learn from my mistakes”.  I want to add to that by saying, “Learn from my mistakes and my successes.”  There is a successful business equation that is used that I have found worked for me and I didn’t even know I was using it.  Once I saw that equation I realized that was part of my success.  That equation is T+C=$  You can’t get that equation without having the “10 Secrets to building client relationships”  What I also want to let you know is that I have completed a PowerPoint presentation for YOU.  This DVD has all the talking points for that first sit down with a potential client and even with you current clients.  It explains in detail what Executive Protection IS, what VALUE and WORTH it has for them and more importantly what Executive Protection is NOT.  This PowerPoint presentation will dispel any preconceived notions, ideas and prejudices they may have about our beloved C.R.A.F.T.

I have not decided how I am going to distribute this DVD but in the hands of a company owner or specialist it will transfer that initial meeting into a better understanding of what YOU do and that handshake that starts the relationship.  Also for you aspiring “Journeymen” I am working on an Ezine possibly and eBook that captures the success of having a mentor called “Seasoning the Neckbone”.  If you want to know the value of having a committed Mentor this will show you.  Keyword here is “COMMITTED”.  I believe there are several levels of mentorship and someone can be a mentor and not even know it.  But when you have one that truly commits to every step of your way to maturation – Success will be knocking at your door.  The other vital ingredient to this relationship is that you have to come to the mentor with the “Cup is half empty” mindset.  None of us can add any knowledge to a cup already filled.  Know-it-alls need not apply.  The worst thing you can do with a mentor is continue to tell him/her that you’d rather do something another way.  Is it not better to ask what they feel about a certain way you do things and get their input?

I have been posting Napoleon Hill quotes on the NABA Facebook pages.  Today I posted a personal quote that I made for myself,  “Success is not measured by money but by the value and worth of your [My] accomplishments.” -Eric Konohia

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