When you have to remind “Professionals” that they must conduct themselves Professionally

Yesterday Elijah Shaw released the new NABA facebook Code of Conduct rules for the forum.  The first comment I made was that it was well overdue but right on time.  The forum had started to remind me of a bunch of College students on spring break.  There was alot of coming into town with riotous behavior and leaving the place in disarray.  Some interactions were borderline disrespectful to even the most senior and seasoned operators and specialists.  It was getting close being labeled, “Out of hand”.

Working on a proactive mindset Elijah pushed out a document that laid out the rules succinctly and clear and even to the point that he even commented that violators could be shown the door.  Standard rules, and codes of conduct set guidelines and expectations for everyone participating, especially in anything that is a closed membership.  Unfortunately, anyone and everyone can invite themselves into the industry however you have to be “ALLOWED” into the NABA Facebook page.  Initially I imagine that behavior was expected from a group of so-called “professionals”, but as of yesterday the “Professionals” had to be reminded how to play NICE with one another.

Of all the pages and groups that I have ever belonged to, the NABA Facebook page is by far the most specific site related to our craft that I have landed on.  Another landmark for me occurred yesterday as Elijah Shaw made me, Raffaele DiGiorgio and Ben Alozie administrators to the page.  I am not sure what his measuring rod was to make me an administrator but being elevated to that position with the group I came in with felt great.  There is a clear balance between the administrators that I personally know and those that I have interacted with that will level out my stern “Door keeper” mindset.

I posted a challenge to the site members yesterday to look at the site’s timeline and observe the regular contributors.  Then go to the members list and encourage those members they know to get active on the page.  There are approximately 800 members on the NABA facebook site yet less than 2.5% are regular contributors.  With that dismal participation I am wondering if the posting behavior of a few has pushed some members away and others to stalk the page from afar.  Hopefully the new Code of Conduct policy will make it a more Professionally friendly site to interact, share and learn.  I am now challenging all of my BPI Security blog subscribers, my @BPISecurity Twitter followers, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube subscribers to visit the the NABA Facebook page and request membership.  I only ask that you participate and add value to the site.  I don’t make many promises to people but I can promise you this; you will be surrounded by experts, leaders and pioneers in this industry.  Despite their station in life and their accomplishments they exude a humility towards the industry and the people who are trying to advance themselves in a positive way.

I am personally asking that Marine [he knows who he is] to double back to the AO and resume his daily nuggets of Wit and Wisdom because it is missed.


  1. Tracie

    Yes i think with the new changes things will go back to normal. Back on the path of helping professionals alike no matter the experience.

  2. Raffaele Di Giorgio

    First and foremost: I am flattered to be included on this board and amongst the individuals that cover the full breadth and depth of our field. Everyone from the new and upcoming professionals to the men and women who I have admired and tried to emulate for years, found in one place is just outstanding.

    All that being said, I would like to take a moment to ask Frank Gallagher to consider coming back to the group. Frank has served me as a boss, AIC, TL, mentor, fellow instructor and most importantly as someone I call a friend and brother for years, in civilized and not so civilized parts of the world. No BS he and I haven’t always seen eye to eye on everything. But you never have to worry about where you stand with him and for all of his years of experience, he still listens and is willing to teach and more importantly learn.

    One word of caution thou, if you are going to try to teach Frank, (as well as the other senior guys/girls) something. Make sure you know what you are saying. He/they will not have the wool pulled over his eyes easily.

    I genuinely am looking forward to being an active and productive member of the NABA and invite everyone to do the same. There is absolutely no reason that we as a community cannot “hold ourselves to a higher standard”.

    1. Eric Konohia

      Once again Raffaele, very wise words. You are much closer to Frank than anyone else on the site and have that dexterity in your friendship to call him by name. I am sure he knew, as well as you did, that he was who I was referring to.

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