You have to resist the choice of being outrageous

Edge-Of-Cliff-PlankI am extremely proud of the way that the Facebook NABA page has become the place to go and share industry best practices and share thoughts.  It has, in the last 6 to 9 months been heavily policed to ensure that “Professionalism” is the watchword of the group.  It is, in my opinion, the one group/forum where any decision maker can peak in and get a pretty decent view of the industry.  The administrators have taken a “hands on approach” at keeping this group CLEAN and professional.

What I have seen happen recently is that the members of the group know that they cannot go off the reservation and post ANYTHING on the NABA page and have decided to take the “Ridiculousness” to other pages/groups that are not policed at the same level.  In fact, that may be the intent of these other groups to have a place where you can blurt out anything that is on your mind.  It is clear that when you do go elsewhere to do so, you do not have a good understanding of how Facebook or other social media outlets work.  You are not protected from diminished respect and selection just because you take a crap in the open in another group who may allow it.

What surprises me, but then again I stopped being surprised, is that the friends of these group hoppers will follow them to the other page and comment on the derogatory posts.  Once you acquiesce with a comment, you just bought the post.  That’s the way I see it, but I can only speak for me and BPI.  Why does it seem like so many feel that social media is a place to air out your personal thoughts that are derogatory to your success?

I encouraged members of the NABA page to refrain from getting sucked into the gun battle following the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary.  The NABA page remained pristine, HOWEVER so many could not resist the urge to take their thoughts elsewhere.  Instead of understanding the short-term and long-term effects of getting into this battle, many of them deputized themselves as Wayne Lappiere doppelgangers and started their own press releases.  I saw behavioral social science posts from specialists who don’t have a degree or background in behavioral social sciences.  How do I know that?  I have your resume.  Remember when you sent that to me with the cover letter saying that you are the quintessential professional?  Others re-posting faulty studies just because it reinforced what they wanted to say.

If you, “Don’t take social media seriously” maybe you should and at the very least understand that many of us DO.

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  1. Kevin

    Good Commentary! Too many take to Facebook to pontificate but usually fail to articulate a clear point to back up the initial statement.

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