You know you have a dedicated Team when….

About a month ago I was approached to help faciliate an event with a great possibility of it turning into a new client relationship.  The catch was that it was ALL volunteer.  I immediately jumped on the opportunity and put out the email to my list-serv.  The responses were immediate from guys that are used to making over $360 per day.  In fact, I had to tune down the numbers to avoid over-kill.

The POC and me spoke and met about the event and the date.  He left the venue location up to me whereby I researched location, crowds and ease of access and egress by all parties involved.  After final preparations were solid I dispatched call-sign Rhino to do the protective advance.  Regardless of whether there was no money to be exchanged, I was not going to employ any short cuts.  This would be treated like a paid Op.  On Monday I emailed the OpOrder to all parties per BPI Security standards and assigned Mark as the Detail Lead.  Even though I was present, the potential client wanted me to attend the event as his guest.  I was technically not part of the equation, yet if we needed to “act” I would automatically switch on.

The OpOrder advised that we were running “Slick” and that the dress was casual.  No 5.11 attire, no contractor hats etc.  Report time was 2 hours before the event and everyone was earlier than the report time [Professionalism].  Mark set up how the event was going to unfold and instructed the over-watch procedure.  When all stations were in place and as I walked in the venue I found myself looking for the guys.  It was a great feeling to see how dedicated these guys are.

You know you have a dedicated Team when you can ask them to volunteer and they respond without hesitation. The way you treat your Specialists will show when you need them to step up.  I wouldn’t have been the least disappointed if any of them had declined, yet I was not surprised when they jumped on the opportunity.

Given the same scenario and if I had asked some basic friends or associates to help or volunteer, the story would have been different.  Remember the last time you moved and asked you buddies to help you move?  Yea, exactly!  I always say, ” A comrade can become your friend but not all friend can be your comrade”

Thanks to the following call-signs; Minister, Rhino, Earplug, Doc, RokStar, and No Chow

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  1. Brian

    Good job fellas. Raised the BG Flag to a higher standard!!!

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