You may regret not earning it and…….

Those schools that give it away will be right beside you when your training comes into question.  Today I posted an article by the New York Times, “Wackenhut Security Guards Cheat on Recertification Exams”  I am not surprised because in my immediate area this has been going on for some time now.  There is a certain school in Virginia that is well known for easy access to the VA/DCJS PPS license and even an easier process for the PPS re-certification.

For the lazy specialist that thinks he/she does not need to sit through “X” amount of hours through the regulated re-certification process, this is the school you would go to, pay your money, sign the attendance sheet and sign the paperwork that will be submitted for your new license.  Most go to this school because they wait until the last minute to renew their license, or because they cannot afford to take off of work to sit through the process.  For the handgun portion, they show up and shoot a the test.  I have been told that there are some schools out there that do a “revised” shooting test to ensure the student passing and not have wasted their money.  What this also does is to guarantee that said [unqualified] person will come back to further the illicit process.

If you are one of these specialists that possess this certification and KNOW that you didn’t earn it, you need to have an honest meeting with that mug you see every morning you brush your teeth.  Cheating on yourself is a sure cocktail for cheating on others.  Once you get started you will have a hard time getting out of that crack whore mentality.  If you understand that disgraceful example, check yourself and see what you will and have done to accomplish that ultimate fix – the license.

When you EARN the process, you appreciate the process.  When you cheat the process and others know you have just labeled yourself.  Trust me when I say this.  This behavior crosses the lines in every platform in our industry.  I will leave you with one question:

What’s worse, someone who operates unlicensed in the industry illegally OR you that works under a flase premise with a license that you did NOT earn.

P.S.  As of submitting this blog this morning another company came under scrutiny, “United States Sues Virginia-based Contractor Triple Canopy for False Claims Under Contract for Security in Iraq”  Looks like an epidemic.


  1. Kevin White

    Hey Eric, you have a few more miles on yourself than I do; so I know that you’ve heard this saying. “All I have is my word”. Can’t get rich in this business…so once your word or name is no longer valid…….


    1. Eric Konohia

      You’re done!

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