You think you’re ready-Here’s an insider’s warning

I have said over and over that there is a progression that takes place with many specialists after they feel they have made their “way” in this industry. Some may call it paying their dues as a specialist and they want to take the next step into company ownership.

I have encouraged many BPI specialists to do so in the past. A few heard the calling and a couple felt they were not ready to take the leap. Either way, there are pieces that have to be in place before you can make that leap into self employment as a company.

The progression goes a lot like this: The specialist is sought after by numerous networks on a regular basis. Security company owners rely on him/her to DL their details and often ask him/her to get a couple more of their colleagues to fill the gig. Whether or not he/she gets any extra money for staffing the billet is not an issue. What happens is that they feel the itch that they can do this same staffing on a regular basis. Isn’t that what a security provider does?

Having a network of “go-to” people at your fingertips or being a well known sought after specialist is NOT the final piece although that is the biggest decision maker I’ve seen. They say to
themselves, “I run details for everyone and I have colleagues and specialists all over the country that I can use.”

I will end this blog with the biggest kick in the gut for you. As soon as you announce you are officially licensed, insured and operating as a company and not as the specialists – The calls will come to a screeching HALT. It’s not because you don’t know the craft. It’s not because you don’t have people at the ready to work. It’s because you transitioned from colleague to competition. The security providers that used you around those clients who asked specifically that we send YOU on those details don’t want you, the new hungry company owner around their client anymore. At least not until they watch from a distance how you order your steps from afar.

Many new company owners are hungry and often take short cuts to build their client base. Short cuts like passing off new business cards, making matter of fact statements like “I just wanted you to know I started my own company. If you need anything don’t hesitate to call.”.

I can’t speak for all company owners but many of them agree with what I’ve just said. They just do it. But from a BPI perspective unless I brought you up as a cub and allowed you to eat and sleep around my clients where TRUST has been built over time, there will be a cold period once you launch into the business owner world.

My non-solicitation agreements are not just a formality to cross all my T’s and dot all my I’s. I will exhaust every measure I have to use it if I have to. I have in the past and I will again. That said, it’s better for me to watch you as you get yourself in order than put myself downrange with you for the first time.

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