Your baby is ugly

20121008-080834.jpgI stole that saying from Mark James who told me in a conversation we were having.

This week I have seen the lowest level of professionalism since I have been working any job in my lifetime. I won’t mention any names here but he’s close to being mentioned here, this “guy” went on another closed groups page and called their baby ugly. This company has years of success in teaching executive protection and has countless unquestionable specialists in the field.

This “guy” went on THEIR page and questioned if their (the company) 7 day school was sufficient for any newbie coming into the industry. I don’t know if thats balls, gall or stupidity. But I do know it’s unprofessional. The owner of the company quietly defended his program in a professional way. He did it much better than I would have done. “kiss my @$$ and keep it moving” is more like what I would have said.

Let me just say this NO one course, regardless of whether it is a 7 day, 10 day or 4 week course will teach you all that you NEED to know about this craft. You need to understand that. There are no courses out there that teach it all. The real learning process starts after you walk out the door.

I’m going to leave it for now but if you know how I operate you know you’ll hear more about this later.

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