3 Classifications

ReportCardOver the last 6 months I have been keeping  a close on on the pulse of the CRAFT and its true vitality in the overall security industry.  What I personally see is a dismal reflection of what is perceived as the tip of the Spear in the industry.  Its has become apparent to me that we are at 3 classifications today





CLASS – 1: The Doers.

These are the service providers and specialists that are actually doing executive protection.  They are licensed and meet of their compliance regulations in the respective jurisdictions.  They work hard to maintain the professional image of the industry at all levels.

This is a very small class of the CRAFT


CLASS – 2: The Done[s]

A larger group than the doers but a significant number of service providers and specialists that, for whatever reason, have given up on the industry.  In this group are those that have given up on themselves and the ability to evolve with the industry.  Disgruntled and often cantankerous, they impart snippets of wisdom from time to time but the message is lost from its harsh tone and infrequency of output.  The Done[s] give the impression that they have had it with the industry but pop in from time to time and how they did it, as in, “Back in the day real football players didn’t wear helmets.”  You’ll know a “Done” because his/her speech will speak in past tense and always have “did” in it.  “When we did it.”  Done[s] live in their hay day and can not move past history.


CLASS – 3: The Don’t[s]

Self explanatory!  This class includes all of those that are NOT trained yet fake it til they make it or fake it til they further ruin the image of the CRAFT.  They talk the part, look the part, but FALL APART in the end.  In this class is also the group of influential person[s] that are credible in their own niches yet attempt to use that credibility in this CRAFT as an expert.

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