Another bout with risk and threat

Another interesting conversation began on the NABA Facebook page regarding high risk details and the subject of threat surely entered the dialogue.

Today I don’t want to address definitions nor do I want to discuss the differences between the 2. What in want to discuss is the professional and ethical responsibility of each service provider and specialist to articulate succinctly and carefully to their client the TRUE risk and threat based on a thorough threat and vulnerability assessment.

During the initial contact with the client or client rep you must obtain all of the requisite information to perform a thorough TVA. Once completed an honest evaluation needs to be conveyed with recommendations consistent with your findings.

There are no words for anyone that will intentionally raise the risk or threat level for the sole purposes of making unrealistic and unwarranted recommendations. This is a bad habit in the industry. Recommending X amount of specialists for the sole purposes of making more money when you know that you have skewed the numbers and facts is a stealing.

The last thing I want to make clear is that whatever the risk/ threat level is you have to make clear with the the team. If the risk/threat is low you should not advise your team that it is high or visa versa. Specialists will approach and posture accordingly. So, if you have advised the client that the risk is low yet you tell the team it is high in order for them to be more vigilant you may cause a disconnect with what the client expects to see versus what the specialists deliver.

Be careful, be honest and be trained


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