Are you pliable


It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged due to work and scheduling. One thing has crossed my mind about specialists being pliable or trainable.

I have run across specialists that have been in the industry who have worked many details as well as those that have worked details that they feel are notable details. When you get a chance to work with them or let them work on your details they are know it alls and too rigid for further direction.

No ONE person knows everything AND if you are working another company’s detail you have to be willing to do things the way they operate. It’s not up to you to say, “That’s not the way it’s supposed to be done!” If you have a suggestion there is a proper way to get that point across.

Expectations of a client or principal are built over time and it only takes one know it all to change operational protocols to send a principal in a tail spin. Discipline must be maintained when operating with a new group or you will find yourself off the call-sign list and removed from the network.

The same goes for the specialists that implodes the morale from the inside out by always complaining because things don’t go your way. Stay home and keep that infectious mindset by the phone waiting for the next call – if it comes. Busy bodies and morale killers are easily labeled and find themselves bouncing from one network to the next. I find that these types are never happy with life in general and use the detail as a microcosm of their miserable lives.

It normally starts by complaining about who is assigned in the detail or making
generalized assumptions of others on the detail. Then they start picking others they can convey their complaints to. If that person buys into the slickness of rumors it starts to permeate throughout the detail. Then you have the detail leader or the service provider having to intervene.

You do NOT have all the answers. Sit back, work hard and learn.


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  1. Elijah Shaw

    Great article Eric. I always say it’s important to be “singing from the same hymn book” for those very same reasons. Don’t conflict the message to the client.

    1. Eric Konohia

      Yes indeed

  2. Bobby DeLano

    Absolutely! I’ve ran into this so many times! With
    All due respect to police… for it it has been always from
    Former police officers…not retired officers but ones who
    Worked a short time in the field.
    I our line of work…humbleness is a hidden trait we
    all must possess. My mentor told me…the day you
    Stop learning… is the day you die.

    God bless my brother…

    If your ever looking old school tough guy… keep me
    In mind…hahaha

    Bobby DeLano


    1. Eric Konohia

      Thank you Bobby

  3. Wade Thompson

    You are there to represent the owner and the company. A relationship that He/She has aquired/nurtured/maintained so that you may be employed. These specialist can and will infect a whole detail if you let them. If you don’t like how a company you work for you does things, it may be time to stay at home or do a little self reflection. As a specialist in the detail, you can’t get caught up in the hype…just my 2 cents. Anither good read Eric.


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