Authenticity and Reality Clarified-Keeping the light shining on the Specialist returning to the Dark

dark-souls-light-and-darkIt seems that my last blog peaked some interest from many aspiring specialists and raised a brow from more of the leaders in the industry.  REALITY BOMB and AUTHENTICITY CHECK is a wake up alarm for everyone.  The experience that the two [2] Neophyte specialists received from last week will give them a totally new perspective on their expectations of how THEY need to operate from this point on as well as see others, that cut corners, in a different light.

When I was asked by one of the neophytes how does he continue this momentum and operate at that level, my response,as always, was straight to the point.  You have to force yourself to maintain that level of proficiency and perform those executive protection principles EVEN if the service provider or detail leader encourages you to dwarf, stipend or hinder your duties.  If you have time to conduct a protective advance, DO IT.  Do not let anyone tell you, “It’s just a quick in and a quick out.” or ” We’ve been to that club 100 times.”  So what, things change, people change, rules and things you were afforded on the ninety ninth [99th] time may have changed.  I don’t ever want to hear from anyone, “We have had access to that door 99 times, I don’t know why we can’t access it this time.”  Deviations and/or variations of the executive protection principles is NOT AUTHENTIC, and that IS the REALITY BOMB of the industry.

Lessons upon lessons were hammered home all week.  Small changes in the little things make a difference in an individuals overall growth.  Remember, a pile of $hit starts as a single turd.  One of the concerns of both of the newbies was going back to the industry and not being able to work alongside the same level of operators they has experienced last week.  To be honest, that was a concern for me as well, but I told both of them to let their LIGHT SHINE in the way they perform.  I told both of them specifically that “Your experience this week does NOT make you an expert NOR a teacher or men/women” but others will see you differently from your work.

They learned that executive protection is more than a radio and pig-tail, a lapel pin [battle flag] or suit.  Radio’s malfunctioned, they broke battle flags and blew out suits, but we forged on and performed executive protection with a proactive mindset.  What these 2 guys experienced last week in an exception to the industry.  The days of a client, totally respecting and listening to a service provider’s consult and allowing them to make recommendations from soup to nuts is a thing of the past.  But this should NOT curtail or stop you from continuing to conduct yourselves at the highest levels.

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  1. Rodney Noel

    Great insight, thanks!

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