Bass akward tacky response

I blogged yesterday about James Yeager’s insensitive, unprofessional, thoughtless Youtube tirades over the last couple of days. Offline I spoke to other leaders in the industry and told them that it would be a matter of time before authorities stepped in and extended the long arm of the law.

Well I am here to report thy Tennessee stepped up first by suspending Yeager’s CCW license

I would not be surprised if his license to operate his facility is on the block as well. Any average American could surmise that the “formidable army” Yeager claimed he could form could and probably would comprise of those he has instructed. The media had a feeding frenzy on the meal called “stupid” that Yeager served up. I am waiting to see if BATF follows suit and steps in next in some manner.

So what was next for Yeager? Well the, self proclaimed “kill some people” instructor made yet another video which I call the “Tacky Response“. A video where he explains how he was mad and spoke before thinking. In this video he is accompanied with a tactical response alum and attorney. Would have made more sense to consult with him before January 9th. Was this attorney present to hit the shock switch in the event Yeager’s mouth goes awry? Well, he missed the button when Yeager stated that “it’s not time for that kind of action”. Implying that there will be a time but not right now.

Clearly there were hidden message in his poor attempt to clarify, apologize and attempt to repair his brand. Too late Mr. Yeager. The only thing you successfully killed is your credibility and brand.


  1. Lawrence Snow

    Certainly did some irreparable damage to his brand.

    What get’s me though is he left the video up for an entire day, and then made it unlisted and still available on his Facebook page.

    And you and I know Eric the pains of creating a video, editing it, upload it to YouTube, giving it a title, filling out the description, etc. You’d would think that somewhere along that process and the 24 hours afterward, he would have looked at the video and did a gut check and say to himself – “Hmm – maybe a bit too over the top.”

    He’s lucky he wasn’t arrested.

    1. Eric Konohia

      He’s not out of that part of the woods yet. That’s for sure. The whole gun issue and ban hits him in his wheel house so therefore he has a vested interest in the outcome.

      But he spent the last 4 days ruining any credibility to make that happen whenever his name pops up.

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