Bonus Blog for April, 24, 2013- The Boston Marathon Bombing

tsarnaev_brothers_why_boston_marathon_bombingI have very good friend that has served our country at the highest levels of the US Armed Forces.  His expertise in the Military and in the civilian sector IS explosives.  Yesterday he sent me a white paper that he constructed titled, “My opinion”.  Whenever he offers an opinion in this matter WE [those he has allowed in his trusted circle] LISTEN.

This is yet, another example of how your Net-worth is only as good as your network.  Through meeting my “Silent Friend” I have been allowed to sit in front of, break bread with and broach business ventures with America’s Silent Warriors.

His community is a very private one and I promised him that I would maintain that silence.  I will vouch for his expertise and know him well enough that if he is willing to share this type of information it needs to be read.  I got his approval and here it is.

Click here to read the document —–>MY OPINION ON BOSTON (2)


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  1. Lynnette Bukowski

    I know next to nothing about explosives; even less about how all the parts go together to cause death and destruction. I do know that the Boston bombing shook me to the core, not unlike the terrorist attack on 9/11. I am still scared, but not so much of an imminent terror attack.

    What frightens me the most is the rise in paranoia, people taking “sides” and turning on one another, the COMPLETE LACK OF RESPECT FOR THE INJURED AND DEAD from the media and politicians and the onslaught of a frenzied, misinformed media blitz that continues even as I write this. I stopped watching the news — all of it — and read only what appeals to my common sense. This Blog post is straight up common sense that serves to inform rather than incite. Thank you.

    1. Eric Konohia

      Hi Lynn,
      “We” both appreciate your comment.

  2. Joe Shakeenab

    “My Opinion on Boston” is well written, factual, and enlightening. The author of this article demonstrates advanced knowledge on the subject of explosives and the ability to reap havoc in some of the most simple of concepts. He should be speaking on some of these news outlets and imparting his truths!

  3. Bill Nigh

    Worth a read.

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