Day 2 of Resolute

determinationWhen I arrived at the gym this morning at 0330 I asked the gym attendant how many new members had enrolled for the New Years.  He laughed but could not give me a number.  His response was typical for anyone that has been around fitness centers, gyms etc.  As I said yesterday there is a yearly cycle when memberships go up and attendance drops.  At the end of the day the gym owner is till getting that monthly direct deposit from your personal account whether you train or not. The gym owner doesn’t have to do anything to push memberships during these time periods.  No need to market any specials, coupons, groupons or otherwise.  They masses are coming.

Members like me benefit from these spikes in membership.  Sure the gym is crowded for a month but soon thereafter we are back to the standard personalities in the early morning, stay at home moms, Federal government workers getting their workout before going to work, and the hardcore gym rats that like to get in and get it over.  The benefit we get from the “Resolutioners” is that in my gym, the owner and gym manager are constantly putting in new equipment.

How does this trend [Resolutions] effect the industry?  At the close of 2012 many of you have already planned out what training you will take this year to further your career in the Craft.  More of you have systematically decided how you will infiltrate or embed in certain networks.  The final group has made a strong commitment to getting more clients.  Understand this, the industry and those that we serve cannot afford any one of us to choose one specific day to: get ourselves together, get our ducks in a line, train to get better, network with leaders etc.  All of these things should be constantly evolving on a day to day basis.  My pans for 2013 started well within 2012, not because I purposely planned to make a difference in 2013, but because I had to plan accordingly and 2013 happened to be the time slots open.

Being resolute is being determined and unwavering.  It is an adjective that describes the individual, the company, the brand.  If you are complacent you are NOT resolute.  If you are dating or married to the “good idea fairy” you are NOT resolute.  I think I can speak for many of the leaders that I interact with and say that even if they don’t realize it or not, they surround themselves with resolute people and specialists.  Those men and women that GET IT DONE.  You drop a task on their lap and you can tend to other matters, KNOWING that the task is being completed.

In closing, it is great that you have chosen more training for yourself, determined to network more etc…..but if you are not known as a RESOLUTE person you may be wasting your time and money.  Be RESOLUTE and see RESULTS.

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