Don’t believe the hype


There has been a huge conversation on social media about vetting others so-called backgrounds and experience.

Some feel that these posers should be outed and others say that eventually their house of cards will come tumbling down. I personally won’t expose or out a known catfish however if asked about someone I feel it is a duty to the CRAFT to make sure that the disease does not continue to spread.

I read somewhere that a liar will lie for another liar. I believe that there is a lot if truth to that because in my experience (as I’m referred to as the Old guard now) that liars and phonies in this industry seem to swim upstream in the same groups. It’s amazing how they seem to find each other and find comfort residing within each others fables.

Social media is a double edged sword. On one side you are able to market and brand, while on the other side others are able to hood and wink. Most recently i have been privy to some disturbing information. David Copperfields exist amongst us and thriving in their own biographical chapters of fables.

Little signs and hints made me scratch my head but it wasn’t until the dots were connected that my suspicions were turned into actionable intelligence.

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  1. Leon Adams

    True words, my friend. It’s at times amazing what comes full circle.

    Leon S. Adams

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