Empowering the powerless

20130405-091900.jpgOne of the most common blunders or mistakes that specialists [young and seasoned] make is empowering and ultimately trusting untrained non-security persons with assisting them in their protection efforts. You have to be very, very and I mean VERY careful when you utilize these people to assist you in protection or protection related matters.

Fundamentally, you cannot and should not trust that a 5 minute request and instruction will produce what you have trained weeks and months to understand. Something as simple as asking someone to work a door of the building you are going in can cause you a problem. Doors are channeling points, fatal funnels or a specific point where you and your principal will be. The protection specialist will treat that portal much differently than the average bellman or even hotel security manager. On your best day you cannot train someone to effectively and proficiently perform any responsibility that is exclusive to the total protection package. YOU and only you are responsible for 100% of the protection efforts.

When you pass off any portion of your responsibility to any untrained person you raise a “Risk” ( I didn’t say threat ) to the protection. Untrained personnel do not know the minute details involved in every aspect of the conveyance and movement of a principal. Just as I always state, “the non-security trained driver is the weakest link on a detail” you have to transfer that mindset to any person that you empower to handle or manage any spectrum of your protective sphere.

Now before some of you take a wide stroke with your brush and say that Eric said we shouldn’t use people for anything. Let me be clear, we all agree that there are certain aspects of your detail (visits etc) where you will need to make sure that certain access points are accessible, doors are unlocked, elevator bays are locked open and so on. That is common knowledge. However, if you request it for a specific reason you will have to make sure it is done. I am specifically referring to those guys that I have seen having venue security walking the formation with them, working the doors inside the venue and even cars. That’s a concoction for disaster.

Even if I see a wannabe venue security person attempt to attach themselves to my formation I’ll instruct the shift lead to have them fall back or off the formation. It is ONLY those instances that I have had my advance specialist walk the venue with a specific security manager that I will allow that person to push ahead of the formation to insure that all doors that were supposed to be open are in fact open and if they aren’t he has the keys to do so without the formation bottle necking and/or becoming static.

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