Even I make mistakes

proper_order_2That said, I am going to publicly correct that mistake now. I have been mentoring specialist and potential EP specialists for over a year now with great success. In doing so it has been a sense of accomplishment for me as well as them. But I made a huge mistake against all that I stand for. I was so eager in the mentor program I developed.

So here is the swift change. I will no longer mentor anyone that does not have the following:

  • Successfully competed an EP school, AND
  • Licensed in any state to perform EP services. They will have to show proof prior to me accepting them in the program.

If you are already under the program now and don’t fit the new standards I will honor our relationship as it stands. But from today’s date forward the new policy stands and here is the reason why.

Under my 4P formula the first thing I recommend under Professionalize portion, which follows Process is that you get LICENSED. Getting a mentor follows that recommendation and there is a reason for that. You do NOT need a mentor to advise you to operate legally. As an responsible adult who wants to operate in the private sector you should already know that. You should also have heard that from your EP School instructors. In some cases the school will submit your license paperwork. Moreover, it is not proper for me to teach you how to separate from the field when you are not in legal standing. Doing so encourages you to operate unlicensed. No need to get mad because I’m already mad I violated my own rules.

Again, if you are already in the program and don’t meet the new standards I will honor the standing relationship but will be pressing you to fulfill the training and license requirements. In fact, I have one person who is working his way into the industry who i have encouraged to do his medical and protective driving courses FIRST before he enters his EP course. Once he completes his EP course he will walk out the door already separated from the majority of the industry field. It is critical that everyone understands that there is a specific order that MUST be followed before you can even start expecting separation, at least from my perspective. You can continue to try shortcuts but eventually your house of cards will fall.

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  1. rodney c. noel

    Great post, thanks.

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