In all things sought after – ALWAYS seek relevancy over popular

humptyThe other day I delved into my three [3] classifications of the industry:

CLASS – 1: The Doers.

These are the service providers and specialists that are actually doing executive protection. They are licensed and meet of their compliance regulations in the respective jurisdictions. They work hard to maintain the professional image of the industry at all levels.

This is a very small class of the CRAFT.


CLASS – 2: The Done[s]

A larger group than the doers but a significant number of service providers and specialists that, for whatever reason, have given up on the industry. In this group are those that have given up on themselves and the ability to evolve with the industry. Disgruntled and often cantankerous, they impart snippets of wisdom from time to time but the message is lost from its harsh tone and infrequency of output. The Done[s] give the impression that they have had it with the industry but pop in from time to time and how they did it, as in, “Back in the day real football players didn’t wear helmets.” You’ll know a “Done” because his/her speech will speak in past tense and always have “did” in it. “When we did it.” Done[s] live in their hay day and can not move past history. The Done’s have much to offer yet their attempt to help is always prompted by harsh complaints, thus killing the intended message on deaf ears.

CLASS – 3: The Don’t[s]

Self explanatory! This class includes all of those that are NOT trained yet fake it til they make it or fake it til they further ruin the image of the CRAFT. They talk the part, look the part, but FALL APART in the end. In this class is also the group of influential person[s] that are credible in their own niches yet attempt to use that credibility in this CRAFT as an expert.

Since that post I have noticed another recent transition and evolution in the CRAFT and that is; Former “popular” “doer’s” now turned “done’s” trying to be relevant from absentia. First let’s look at the word RELEVANT.

  1. connected: having some sensible or logical connection with something else such as a matter being discussed or investigated
  2. having social significance: having some bearing on or importance for real-world issues, present-day events, or the current state of society

Some synonyms to relevant are: pertinent, applicable, germane, related, appropriate, significant, important

It is clear that in order to fulfill relevancy you must be CONNECTED and have SOCIAL SIGNIFICANCE.
Now let’s look at POPULAR.
  1. appealing to general public: appealing to or appreciated by a wide range of people
  2. well-liked: liked by a person or group of people
  3. of general public: relating to the general public

Some synonyms to popular are: well-liked, accepted, admired, trendy, in style, all the rage, fashionable

Okay, so now I can start swinging the #CorporateBeard bat. There are current “Done’s” that were popular at one time in this CRAFT through their association of someone else’s relevancy [re-read before you continue]. Even if the person who they hitched their wagon to is no longer active, that person’s relevancy, in many instances, still remains. However the second persons popularity will only last as long as the relevant individual continues to pull their wagon. Example, Noel Redding was a popular bass guitar player when Jimi Hendrix was alive. Jimi Hendrix still remains relevant yet Redding’s popularity is nil amongst modern day listeners.

Now back to the CRAFT. The need for some to gain relevancy in the industry is causing them to forget that their popularity in the CRAFT is over or in many cases, never existed. Whether you agree with how the industry is evolving we have to agree that today’s industry is cliquish. When I started this blog a couple years ago I knew my message would not be popular but I would land on some ears that felt the message was relevant. The absolute disdain from many was also met with an open platform by others who were and still remain relevant in this industry as well as other sectors directly associated with the CRAFT. There are others like me that are extremely relevant to the industry yesterday and today but are averse to the modern day methodologies of getting the message out. I WAS, I repeat WAS just like that but I was pushed by Mark Fair to get out of my aversion. Mark is a perfect example of someone who has relevancy to this industry but is experiencing difficulty in launching in the open. If he does it will be another game changer.

I know when and why this trend started. Oh boy here comes TSS [the sh*t starter]. The 2013 Summit in Atlanta cut deep for many in this industry [my feelings ONLY]. How dare you put together an “INVITE ONLY” conference and be able to fill the room!!!! That was the SHOT heard around the industry and caused Humpty Dumpty to have a great fall…you know the rest.

Where the problem exists NOW is when former popularity, mistaken for former or current relevancy abuses current avenues of getting the message out and try to poison the stream of steady progress. This message is for the four or five of you…get out of your fox hole, get back in the fight or get out the way.You cannot expect anyone to listen and learn when your intended message is masked in a barrage of complaints.  That’s all they will hear.  Your prior popularity will soon be overtaken by your new found unpopularity. We are NOT in the business of buying the bovine fecal policies you are selling.  If this is truly the industry that you still LOVE get back in it and provide assistance where needed.



  1. Avery Mitchell


  2. MJ

    Well said, sums up the industry and also many of the sources of discontentment. If this isn’t the industry for you quietly move on. If this is the industry you desire to serve, get active and make a difference. The world loves a “Doer!”

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