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runner-crossing-finish-lineI have not forgotten about the blog. In fact, I am working on a couple projects that will benefit those “INTERESTED” and “SERIOUS” specialists and company owners.  The dormancy of the blog is should not be a sign of losing topics to post but a clear sign that I am working on something to help others.  In fact, I have started assisting a couple specialists in elevating the abilities, competencies as separators for them.

When I release the projects I would only ask that ONLY the serious men and women look into their careers and ask themselves are they comfortable with where they are.  If you are, then steady as you go.  If you are NOT then ask yourself how hard are you willing to separate yourself in this industry and elevate yourself from the masses.  There is a huge commitment that must be taken by each and every one of you in order to succeed.  In fact, it can be said that in many ways it is easier to propel in this industry today then it was when I came in.

You have the luxury of interacting with leaders in the industry that have gone through what you are experiencing and know the path to a newer level of success.  Ask yourself this:  How bad do you want it and how much are you willing to invest?  As I write this blog I have one specialist improving his protective advance capabilities to the point that when he is done, he will be the “Go-to” specialist in his network.  That said, he will surpass all of the others in his huge network as THE MAN for protective advance work.  Can you say the same for yourself.  When I reviewed his previous work and compare it to where he is now, it is a night and day difference.

Some of you won’t want to work for it and that is fine.  You will continue to lie, cheat and steal from your own success and career.  Good luck with that.

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  1. Martin Scott

    I fully understand where your mind set is. As A Seasoned professional I would like to think if any company or professional is looking to benifit especially in there HR function I may be of help.
    But the rub in the United Kingdom is this costs money, to prepare all the due dilligence ect for a operation or task for a proncipale.
    Security Comapnies should stick to what there good at providing a security service and if you want a high calibre professional you need to go to a quality recruitier.
    Safe safe
    Martin Scott
    Scott and Associates

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