One is none


This week I will host a google hangout to discuss why “1” is the worst number in business and as a specialist in this industry.

There is a saying “2 is 1 and 1 is none”. As a specialist 2 is good but more is even better and ill explain why.

In order for you to get the invite to the hangout you have to be connected with me in my networks in google+. If not you’ll hear about it 2nd and 3rd hand.

There are many in this industry who will sell you a bill of goods but deliver nothing. As Raffaele states, “Deliver as advertised. My network is a full network of deliverables. We teach a service so that you won’t be a dis-service to the industry.

If you are serious about your positioning in this competitive industry then you need to connect this week. Please no emails, texts or direct messages apologizing for missing it. That’s on you.

Here is something for you. Thanks Bill Peeler. HERE


  1. Einar Myklebust

    can you send me a message with your Google+ add please or add me einarmyklebust1963@gmail.com

  2. Jabir Hazziez Jr

    Hello Eric. I am interested in being added too. We shall talk soon to finish the conversation we started when you were in the ATL.

  3. rodney c. noel

    please add me also, thanks.

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