Part 2 “SMB” Social Media Bodyguards-The New Generation of Bodyguard


“SMB” Social Media Bodyguards-The New Generation of Bodyguard Part 2
By Avery Mitchell, USGMI

This is Part 2 of my original blog about the new generation of bodyguards called “SMB” Social Media Bodyguards which is a group of Bodyguards that share a passion for keeping client’s safe and promoting how they did it on Social Media in “Real Time”.
The “SMB” chooses proven mentors in the Protection industry to learn a little bit of information (advance work, motorcade operations, formations etc.) and then goes on Social Media and promotes the skills they have learned as there’s to build a social media following.
The SMB always uses “catchphrases” or copies straight from “Wikipedia” or “Google” Secret Service search information when answering questions about Executive Protection on social media because they have no real experience actually ‘DOING” the job.
The SMB joins multiple forums on the Executive/Personal industry in social media to very carefully learn things about the industry (terminology, how-to, updated articles) then carefully picks and chooses what posts to respond to in only one of the forums to show an expertise.
The SMB “ALWAYS” posts comments starting out with telling you how many hours (real or imagined) they have worked on a detail to tell you they are working in the field (real or imagined) and to show the sacrifice of posting on social media after a grueling work schedule.
The SMB asks public questions on forums that they know the answer to or know how to get the answer from specific industry people through (phone call, text, email, private message or direct message) but they prefer for the social media world to see the question.
The SMB is known for this statement “Check me out on the internet or Ask About Me” (Everyone Knows Me) which is a funny statement for a Personal Protector if EVERYONE knows you how can you be effective in your job?
The SMB gives a bad name to the new generation of Executive/Personal/Close Protection Specialist & Bodyguard that is putting in the time to study this craft, finds mentors to fill the gaps they do not have in experience, have gone to recognized schools to learn the basics of this .
They learn this field the only way you can by “WORKING IT”, they post and comment on social media but not in “REAL TIME” and even if people find out who their clients are “they didn’t reveal it”.
I hope these two blogs are used as a learning tool for the client to make sure they are not hiring a SMB, for the SMB to realize they are on a wrong path of career failure and to the new protector doing it the right way, stay on your path because you are writing your own path in this industry.

BPI Security Note:  After meeting Avery Mitchell last year we have had numerous conversations about the “State of the CRAFT”.  During our talks it was evident that he and I had much in common with the industry.  His voice and perspective are consistent with the message and voice that has been the hallmark of the BPI blog since its birth.  I WILL NOT let just anyone use this platform to deliver a message. It is clear that if I have been coined the “Sh*t starter”, Avery Mitchell must definitely be the “Sh*t stirrer!!!!”


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  1. Leon S. Adams

    It is VERY clear that this new posting will not sit well with many in the industry as it hits home for quite a few. The facts stated CANNOT be denied, however. Truth is truth. These things DO happen and they happen regularly. Hopefully the words herein will invoke positive change for the better. Thanks to both Avery Mitchell and the BPI blogspot for this riveting post.

  2. S. Turner

    Some call it s**t starting, I call it “REALITY”…

    Either you have been there and done it or you fake it til, “They make you”

  3. Six

    Great article as always. Straight no chaser!

  4. Simon Philibert

    Boom.. Another great blog Eric.

  5. rodney c. noel

    wow, part 2. Thanks for this blog and the bloggers who contribute. very valuable info.

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