Professional-Protector or Liar for Hire – Avery Mitchell

Which One Are You?

liar**I want to start this article off by saying that I am speaking about a very small segment of the executive protection & bodyguard industry, yet this small segment the “liar protector for hire” has a huge impact on the industry and standards for this craft**

Professional: characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession. Having or showing great skill; expert:

Liar: a person who tells lies. A person who has lied or lies repeatedly.

These two words are total opposites that are easy for people to see, the professional has ethical standards and the liar has no ethical standards, yet in the Executive Protection & Bodyguard industry these two words have been hard to identify as opposites.

Why?-Because there is a group of people in the Executive Protection & Bodyguard industry that call themselves protectors and because of the amount of “lies” they have told, people are actually convinced that they are professional.

What kind of lies do they tell: they lie about mentors/trainers that they have in the industry that are not included in their biographies, they lie about mentors/trainers who cannot be named for top secret reasons (what national security?), they lie about what EP/Bodyguard schools they have attended.

They lie about military careers they never had, they lie about law enforcement careers or things they did in law enforcement, they lie about details they have worked on, they lie about foreign countries they have travelled to.

Most of all they “Lie To Themselves”, clients and the industry that they are actually trained and experienced Professional Protectors with the ethics to be trusted to keep a client safe.

The industry is hard enough for the professional protector competing with other professional protectors, but now with the “liar protector for hire” it has become even harder.

For the lives and safety of our clients if we know of a “liar for hire” that may become part of your team or someone else team you have a professional oath to shun that false protector and hire only the professional protector.

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  1. aaron jackson

    being fresh into the executor protects business my understanding is that you work hard to get the training (work) legitimate details that way you don’t have to lie and you have people willing to work details with you that know your training and know what you can handle.I have tons of good people to go to give me good advice on what to do on these details I just hope to work on them with these great Mentors.

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