So you wanna be a Tier-1 EP Operator? This week in Protection June 2, 2013

Over the past week I have started featuring talented Specialists who, for many reasons cannot connect to many of the networks outside of the regular social media fulcrum. Last week I featured Avery Mitchell of USGMI who wrote two blazing eye opening blogs about the current status of the EP industry and the specialists in it.

Today’s blog is a video that I want to feature of a guy who has an uncanny knack for doing common sense videos about practical applications to weapons training. Steven Turner “WAS” and I mean was a virtual “new guy” on social media. I only say that because he would post and comment from time to time but not as radical as many others. It was his first shot at videos that he immediately landed his niche. I encouraged him to use the video platform to project his message. He has a natural ability to blend humor within a learning module. I want to feature him in This Week in Protection. This is a FIRST for the BPI Security Blog where I am allowing someone else’s message to be premiered on this specific branded listing.

Steven runs Elite Public Service Training – EPSTA in Atlanta, Georgia.  Look for BIG and I mean BIG things to come from this camp.


  1. Leon S. Adams

    As usual, great message coming from Steven. Always common sense and always relevant information on how to step your game up and better your training for the fight!

  2. Andreas

    Steve thank you for that video .there is not excuse for not training money or not. I have been lacking in my training. I will be to your security school in atl 2016-17.you are a class act .thank you

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