Start of the busy cycle

increaseLate last year I blogged on whether you were ready for the slow season of the industry.  Today I bring you good news and a stark warning.  It is the beginning of the busy cycle for clients to start moving around again.

Our records over the last 10+ years show that the month of April starts the busy rotation for the corporate side of the industry.  Most of you will probably think it has to do with the weather changing but I actually think it has more to do with April 15th of each year.  It’s just a guess but the weather fluctuates and we have no control over that however Uncle Sam wants his money and paperwork every year this time.  Once the stress of taxes are behind them it appears that it’s business as usual or unusual in some cases.

Here is the stark reminder.  If you did not get your business or personal affairs in place over that last 4 to 5 months you may be struggling now or frantic trying to re-establish relationships with clients or in a feeding frenzy trying to get new clients.  This time of the year is a battle among specialists who try to posture themselves with decision makers to get busy.  Are you among that number?

This is the time of year when desperation takes over and men/women bend the rules to get work.  If I look over the history of BPI and list the few issues I have had with the CATFISH network it occurred during the period of April through June.  Those of you that took heed to my recommendations during the slow period are ready for the surge in work. You deserve the reward that is coming.  Those of you who still think you know more than industry history and past proven results – GOOD LUCK.

Last month was a very busy month for BPI and other providers that I have spoken to and based on the next 2 month calendar it will remain the same.  The good news is that it appears that even with the recent Sequestration, corporate clients have not been affected by the crunch.

You can listen to those who have weathered the storms of the industry or continue to think you can outsmart the system.  At the end of the day – “I TOLD YOU SO!!!!”  


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  1. Walter Perkins

    I will be home the whole month of May, if you need anything, I don’t care what is, or when… I’m there!

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