The dreamworld of the average CCW carrier

This week on November 13, 2013 I posted the blog, “My contract vs, Your right” to spawn the specialists of the CRAFT to think and the service providers to implement procedures on “armed and unarmed” contracts.

Once again I want to share something that was shared with me as an eye opener for the vast amount of CCW holders in the CRAFT.  View this video and realistically put yourself in these scenarios and ask yourself how would you respond.


  1. Leon Adams

    I saw this video some time back. Very realistic representation,. I’ve used it in a few of my classes and have recreated versions of it (though on a smaller scale) during our Force on Force scenarios at SSC. Thanks for sharing, Eric.

  2. Kent

    It’s sobering alright. However, keep in mind that officers are trained to respond to the SITE of an incident. We aren’t usually given training scenarios like the one depicted. That is, being in the middle of the actual shooting when the shooter first reveals himself. Not saying that it can’t happen—it can. We simply don’t train offers like this.

    Do we train to seek cover first while at the range? No. We should add more realism to training, but we don’t. Hitting the paper target is just a baby step. If you’re lucky or belong to tactical unit, you MIGHT get more realistic training to deal with real life scenarios.

    Truth be told, while officers do get into more gunfights than the average citizen, the majority go their entire career having never fired a shot, other than at the range. I think that fact alone, drives most agency’s training budgets.

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