The Haters are my elevators

elevatorThe more I immerse myself in trying to take willing specialists to the “Next Level” of experience in this industry the more I’m met along the way by HATERS. In the past I would be un-nerved by this behavior, but as more and more specialists see the benefit of what I am doing the less attention I pay to the 2 or 3 haters out there.

Alongside the Haters are the naysayers. There are more of them to include a few that I have worked shoulder to shoulder, side by side. They no longer speak the same language and refuse to see that the “tools” have changed to get to the same outcome.

What I have actually learned from this experience is that each time I am met with some silly attempt to slow my process I am afforded a solution that takes my “PURPOSE” to another level. For instance, on August 31, 2013 I wrote the blog, “Reality bomb, Authenticity check”. A day or so later, some jerk hater [who I have already identified] wrote a comment that I made the entire thing up. Really? What that comment did was confirm a thought I already had. You see, when we were doing that detail I had already entertained allowing the 2 newbies to write an after action report on their experiences but I decided not to so that it did not come across the wrong way. Well the JERK only made it make sense to do so. Even an idiot can make sense and cents for you.

Then there is that one specific Hater that thinks that “All things” you share should be free. Where is your free course? Where is your investment in the industry? You should focus on what you are NOT doing rather than on what I am doing. To him and those like him I posted that I was “Unleashing the Beast”, which as of 1100 hours today has an 80% turnover. Thank you for the negative enforcement.

So as the title says, my haters are my elevators. I willingly meet you squarely face to face while you operate the elevator and say, “Next level” Please!!!!


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  1. Avery Mitchell

    Excellent comments!

  2. Raffaele

    As always those that “can’t”, always are the speed bumps to those that “do”. But just like all other bumps, they stay in the same place, while the “doers” are moving forward.

    Once you know your Purpose, very few things will slow you down.

  3. Mark

    Since none of them impact your 1099, what they think is really irrelevant. It is truly sad then when a person has a standard for themselves people are always uncomfortable with that. Instead of developing their own standard and pulling themselves up they try to focus on attempts to tear you down. What they don’t realize is while they are chasing yesterday’s strategy you are on to something else.

  4. Leon Adams

    Great read as usual, Eric!

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