The industry does NOT function on resolutions

2013-new-yearI don’t espouse to wasteful resolutions that people do one day a year – TODAY that last’s for about one [1] month.  The gym membership cycle kicks in and will be crowded and over-populated for about 2 months until May when these same people who departed their personal promise to only try to get ready for the summer in one [1] month.  What a waste!  Why should you start something today that you could have started yesterday, or last week for that point.  But, instead you knew today was coming and waited.  That’s an excuse and an intentional complacent attitude.

This industry does not have the same ebb and flows as gym memberships and fitness equipment sales.  Our clients and protectees cannot and should not have to wait for specialists and service providers to wait until January 1st of every year for us to get it right.  It is a dis-service and disrespectful to the industry.  Here is a post that I submitted yesterday on the Facebook NABA group that I wanted to share with all of my blog subscribers:

A great coach gave a speech to his team and told them that, “I can tell you that an average game consists of between 75 – 80 plays in a game.  The game is decided by only 2 or 3 plays in that game.  What I can’t tell you is what 2 or 3 plays will decide the outcome….so you have to PLAY all of them as if they are the 2 or 3.  Success in this industry consists of many types of training, networking and understanding multiple facets of protection.  I WILL NOT tell you that one aspect is more important than the other individual parts, therefore work hard at all of them. I don’t espouse to resolutions but I believe that every man and woman should be RESOLUTE because ONLY in the dictionary does “Success come before “Work”.
Hau’oli Makahiki Hou kakou- Happy New Year to all and see you at the Summit

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  1. Josh

    Well said! Happy new year to you Eric! I’m off to Mexico for some R&R for the next 7 days. Look forward to seeing you in Atlanta.

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