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Me and frankI met Frank Morey through this blog after he was referred by a contact on Twitter to start reading it.  The rest is a story of SUCCESS.   Earlier this year I received an email from Frank stating that he was going to be in the United States, specifically in New York City with my close friend, colleague and mentor – Dr. Paul Viollis.  Frank insisted that I set aside a day so that he could take the train down to DC for lunch.  After 2 years of diligence Frank had a personal account of his journey that he wanted to tell me in person.

I am not going to try to tell HIS story but I pushed him to share it with the same audience that he was a part of that allowed it to happen.  Frank is but, just another example of:

  1. Knowing the TRUE definition of “Your Net Worth is only as good as your Network” A bad network…..exactly, a poor net worth
  2. Getting in the RIGHT network reaps high return.
  3. 4P Blueprint ™

Here is Frank’s story followed by the BPI  Q&A:

The BPI blog and my Journey

 I started reading the blog in June 2011 after reading a random tweet by a follower of my then employer Banham Close Protection. The tweet directed me to the BPI Security blog and I started to regularly read it.  I am bold enough to say that I was probably one of the first UK followers! At the time I was the Operations Manager of Banham’s Close Protection department and like most of your readers, I read the blog daily to learn your thoughts on the industry and asked a few questions about the featured content. I was even featured in it once!

On 29th September 2011 you featured an interview with Paul Viollis (READ INTERVIEW) and I read the interview with interest. He was clearly a subject matter expert and had dominated the niche of working with high net worth private clients in the United States.

The interview mentioned two of Paul’s books, namely Safe and Sound and Silent Safety and I ordered them both the same day and read them one after the other in very quick succession. The books had a profound impact on my career and I knew after reading them that I wanted to change career path from being pigeon holed as a CloseProtection specialist and advise my clients at the highest level. At the time I was studying a degree in security and risk management and the two books were effectively the road map I integrated this with the academic theory I was learning in my studies. I had a very good grasp of the content, but there were a few gaps.

On February 6, 2012 I emailed you a list of five questions to ask Paul on my behalf. They were largely generic, but I wanted to know the five most important things he had learned in his career to date. I was unsure of your response, but I had actually asked you the very same questions and you had answered, I figured it was worth a shot. You came back to me with the answers the same day and I was extremely impressed! Once again thank you Eric.

I continued to follow the blog and a theme you covered for a while was the importance of mentorship in the Executive Protection industry. I thought about my approach for a while and finally bit the bullet! I remember asking you if you would mind asking Paul if he could answer one or two questions a month and he agreed. Considering you had never met me, coupled with the fact that I was asking for access to somebody who you considered to be a friend and mentor; I was very unsure on what the outcome would be. That was a great day for my career and although you probably didn’t know it Eric, it was the greatest introduction I have ever had!

Things started out slowly at first, I would ask Paul if I understood certain elements from his book correctly or his opinion on a current client problem. I was always mindful of the relationship and the value of Paul’s time. I would take my time writing my questions and present the problem and what I considered to be the best solution.

Contact between Paul and myself became more and more frequent and I would ask his opinion on many things, what was the standard of my Due Diligence supplier? What should I consider with this client? Have I missed anything?

Over the course of two years working with Paul, I came to realize that my future was not in Close Protection. I wanted to work closely with clients and consult on a diverse range of security problems. Shortly after that, I put my notice into leave Banham to start my own consultancy. I spoke with Paul about it and he was very encouraging.  I started Virtus Risk Management in May 2013 and knew from the beginning I wanted it to be the European equivalent of Risk Control Strategies and I have modeled my business and service offering on what I have learnt working closely with Paul for the last two years.

I got a call in July this year from Paul asking if I could assist with a project in Europe. That was a great day for me, having spoken with Paul for sometime, I was now working with him. It was a very surreal experience! The project was a success and Paul started to introduce me to other members of the RCS team. I started to work with Paul more regularly throughout the summer and finally made arrangements to go and visit him in New York last month.

I spent the week with Mr. Viollis and worked closely with the RCS team. It was a career defining moment and the culmination of a lot of hard work. I even got a chance to come and visit you Eric! It has been an incredible journey and all thanks to you my friend. Considering you did not know me, you took an incredible risk on an unknown and unproven colleague by introducing me to an industry leader and I am very thankful that you did.


  1. Before you reached out to me, did you find yourself in a stalemate in your career or was there something else you were looking to obtain? I was perfectly happy with my career at that time. I think reading the book simply showed me the correct way to manage the risk profile of a client and I wanted to know more. Through following the methodology, I later decided that this was the direction I wanted to take my career.
  2. How important was it to you that your email was responded to?  Did you have any preconceptions that I would answer it? To be honest Eric, I was not sure how it would develop. I held no preconceptions and simply put myself out on the line and took a shot. I am obviously very pleased with the outcome.
  3. For the reader that finds themselves right where you were, define what you did or how you presented yourself to get noticed by me in order to get that response. That is a good question. I think I was very humble and respectful in my approach and I tried to be as transparent as possible. I had no agenda other than to learn and having spoken to both Paul and yourself, I think this came across in the emails I sent.
  4. I coined the phrase, “Your Net-worth is only as good as your Network”.  Has your understanding of that phrase changed or stayed the same?  Explain? It has changed dramatically.  Who you know and your ability to network effectively is a key driver for the development of your career and your business. Establishing that relationship with Paul has improved my understanding of the industry and opened doors for my career and business.
  5. Once you decided to leave the company and launch on your own, what were your biggest fears? I think everyone who considers leaving a safe salaried position to start his or her own company hold the same fear, the fear of failure. I considered my position for a long time before finally leaving.
  6. Have you met animosity among your peers in the UK since all of this has happened for  you? I have only told a handful of people in the UK and the ones I have told genuinely seem happy for me. I think all the people that matter to me know how hard I have worked.
  7. Knowing Paul personally, I know that he is meticulous and very specific on what and how he handles his friends, colleagues and clients.  Did you find it difficult at the pace he set? He made it very clear in the beginning that it would be hard work and long hours. I love what I do and it has been an absolute pleasure, it never seems like work, I realize how lucky I have been.
  8. How has your career changed through the bold step you took in reaching out to a decision maker? The impact this relationship has had on my career has been genuinely life changing. I understand more about the industry, running a successful business and how to consult at the highest level.
  9. What advice would you give to others who are where you were a couple years ago? I would advise them to find credible information on the security discipline they wish to dominate, read, study and apply what they have learnt, at every opportunity. Ensure you surround yourself with the right people and don’t be afraid to ask for the answer you need to progress. Working with somebody more experienced than yourself can speed your professional development. I was very lucky with what happened through our relationship Eric, once again; thank you very much for a great introduction.

Frank Morey’s journey is another “Check” in the WIN column for Mentoring and proper Network.  This year I put Paul’s name before the Summit Group as a speaker for the 2014 Social Summit in Orlando, Florida.  Just this past week we announced him as the Keynote Speaker for the event.  Click on the above link and see what I asked Paul to talk about.

NOTE:  Please do NOT read this story and start “Cold” calling Paul to be mentored.  If that is what you got out of reading Frank’s story then you missed the point and looking for a quick fix without the PROCESS.  It does NOT work that way.




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