The over-rated Protective Advance

magnifying-glassNow before you start twisting your face upside down and saying Eric has gone mad, read what I mean by that statement.  When you talk to the “average” executive protection specialist or just about anyone with less than 5 years in the industry they are quick to brag that, “It’s all about the advance.”  It doesn’t matter what conversation you have with someone, the “Advance” will be in the sound bite.  Truth is, too many don’t know how to do an advance OR their version of an advance is merely, “This is what I saw when I visited the site.”  I am not going to get into the elements of a proper protective advance, but it suffices to say that it is way more than, “we are going in the front door and then enter the room on the right.”

Protective Advance work is what separates the CRAFT from any other sector of the security industry.  Experienced uniform security companies do assessments and site security assessments, BUT that is not a protective advance.  Some elements of both of them are included in the advance but are not exclusive to the advance.  The reason I am saying that the Protective Advance is over-rated is because it is in every conversation of the sales pitch for why you should use me or why you should use my company.  The average client/principal rarely, if ever, sees the final product so they have no reference material to what you call the advance nor can they compare it to a thorough one.  It is over-rated in the sense that is used as the Holy Grail that no one has seen but has Faith that it exists.

When you attend your executive protection school and are instructed on the advance you need to understand that you are learning one of the most important facets of the CRAFT however the proactive mindset is far more important than the protective advance.  Doing an advance by the numbers or a template serves no one any good if you are not thinking proactively throughout your process.

It’s simply over-rated in the conversations and under-valued in practice.



  1. rodney c. noel

    Staying in the mindset of protection. I keep hearing and reading this through out the craft.

    1. Walter Perkins

      Rodney, The proper Mindset is one the of the biggest things I learned to have and use… along with the not if but when…all the while taking into account the two things that you are protecting at all times. ~Tracker~

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