The Rock is in the Pond

ripples-in-pondFor the attendees of the Summit and those other individuals that were able to interact with “The Five” you have a responsibility to keep the message moving.  What message you ask?  Well there are several but the main message is that there is finally a MOVEMENT in the right direction.  You can shake a stick at the countless groups on Facebook, Linkedin and so on, but there is one that has shifted the mindset, momentum and direction.

The responsibility cannot be on “The Five” but a community effort of specialists and service providers.  Personally I already know that there will be some that will not care to ride this wave for various reasons.  At the top of that list will be jealousy and doubt [this is MY personal opinion] followed by TRUST as a mitigating factor.  The good news is this, the proof is in the pudding.  This past Sunday in Atlanta, Georgia attendees were afforded REAL WORLD examples of how to improve YOURSELF.  Facts were shared that effected everyone right where they sat and not theories to be challenged.

Each one teach one has to be changed with each one reach one and spread the word.  The Summit could have easily have been double in numbers if we wanted to do so.  Far different than most conferences in this or other industries, we selected who attended, placing money secondary to spreading the message.  The most important factor is helping those that want to progress and succeed and also to share the stark reality of the industry.  Benjamin and Raffaele’s presentation was not to disuade anyone from working in a high threat theater but to share with you the reality, costs [financial and personal] and real dangers associated with it.  At the conclusion, some had changed their minds and others had not, but knew that there was much more that needed to be considered.

There was enough REAL WORLD information shared that the conversations on social media can occupy the pages for the rest of the year.  For those that returned home to work on the 4P Formula I encourage you to share that with your colleagues so that this time next year we will be able to share success stories because it works.  If there is enough interest in it I am willing to do a webinar on just the Blueprint.  In fact, the 4P Formula gets you noticed but the second half of the Blueprint is “Selection” which I also have written.  It’s one thing to get noticed [Step-1] but Selection [Step-2] needs to be understood as well.

Do NOT let this momentum fizzle.  It is likened to a large rock [SUMMIT] tossed in a pond.  The rock [SUMMIT] creates circles [Attendees] that flow outward and either fade or bounce off of something and flow backward toward the rock [SUMMIT feedback] and eventually fade.  Even when the circles [SUMMIT Buzz] in the pond subside the environment has been affected.  Why?  Because the rock [SUMMIT]that was never there before has changed the environmental structure of the pond

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