The water is coming over the dam

water_over_damThe aftermath of the tragic Newtown, CT incident still seems to make conversation at the breakfast counters, Starbucks and other gathering spots.  As the murmurs of some weapons ban is till walking through the halls of the United States Capitol, the conversations and arguments seemingly appear on someone’s blog, vlog, website and social media vehicles.

If you are a Second Amendment defender your argument is either “all in” or you have tempered the conversation to be less aggressive when explaining your position.  Others have just decided that it is best to not engage in any conversation on the matter.  I had an elevated, yet hilarious debate with a family member who tried to argue emotion versus facts.  When I categorically dispelled her emotional argument with facts she resorted in hilarious banter in the form of questions.

But this week I think we may have hit an ALL TIME low.  On January 9, 2013 James Yeager, former police officer turned PSD contractor [2004-2005], who now runs a successful training company – Tactical Response took the water over the dam.  Yeager started Tactical Response in Camden, TN as a training facility to teach various methodologies and platforms for persons interested in, but not limited to:

  • High Risk Civilian Contractor – CQB (Raids and Rescues)
  • High Risk Civilian Contractor – Direct Action
  • High Risk Civilian Contractor – Driving Package
  • High Risk Civilian Contractor – Medical Package
  • High Risk Civilian Contractor – Small Unit Tactics

There are several other courses listed on his site which all include a high level of weapons usage and implementation.  I have been following Tactical Response for a couple years now and although it appeared that initially Yeager was training PSD contractors skills in order to survive in a High Threat environment, it seems that the site has evolved into more of  PMC and survival enthusiast training platform.  It has been a huge success for him.  In fact, as recent as late last year he posted a YouTube video where he touted such a financial success and the amount of students that have attended.  Kudos for the success Mr. Yeager.

BUT on January 9, 2013 Mr. Yeager posted a disturbing video titled, “I’m gonna start killing people”.  Rather than regurgitate what he said I have decided to let you hear it first hand from his mouth: Yeager-January 9, 2013

It appears that Yeager received thousands of emails and calls ranging from total support to those that felt the message needed to be said but he should not have been the one to do so.  As an apparent reaction to the initial video Yeager apparently pulled the first video and submitted a “redacted” version.  You can view that “amended version here : Yeager-January 10, 2013

To all the true professionals out there remember this, everything we do and say has an intended and unintended outcome.  You need to understand both.  You have the RIGHT to voice your opinion, but remember everything you say may not be “right”.

To the decision makers, the clients and potential clients I encourage you to understand that the majority of the industry does NOT feel the same way as Mr. Yeager and all that I have spoken to over the last day have all agreed that his message was inappropriate, a call to incite criminal behavior, and contradictory to any argument against any weapon’s ban.  In fact, you just solidified the argument FOR the ban.


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  1. Leon Adams

    Well said, Eric. Excellent post!

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