They all laughed at me

People-Laughing“They all laughed at me when at 5’9″ my name was considered to protect HIM.  But their laughter turned to amazement when they found out that later HE became a client and has been a client of mine for the last several years”.  I posted that last night on the BPI Security Facebook Fanpage last night and it IS the truth.  When I decided to leave my Intel Analyst position with HIDTA and go full time as the President of BPI I was told by another former Maryland State Trooper, who worked there as well, “You’ll be back!”.  “NO SIR I won’t and have not!”  The irony is that the guys that laughed at me in the first scenario are not in the industry anymore and the former trooper that said I would be back is no longer at HIDTA.

Under the first situation BPI was already formed and I was, at that time, sub-contracting under Vance International.  The guys that laughed at me were still full-time employees of Vance and were 2 of the “Golden Boys” of the company, BOTH former active duty Marines.  They were the cat’s meow in the company at the time or at least they thought they were.  Their laughter was more fuel for me to forge on with my Plan-A [getting BPI as a successful company in the industry].  I had no Plan- B because I don’t believe in Plan-B’s.  A Plan-B for me is a solid Plan-A.  The way I look at it is that when you have a Plan-B you have already acquiesced that your Plan-A is not solid.  Plan-B’s are plans of failure.  What I do is have contingencies to Plan-A, therefore I NEVER deviate from my intended plan or outcome.  If Plan-A does not come to fruition is was not meant to be and not from any fault of my own because I was all in on that Plan.  Enough of that.

Over the last few days I have contemplated on how serious is the majority of the industry specialist in their Plan-A’s.  It is with great discomfort, but a reality, that too many have come to the CRAFT as their Plan-B.  This is their fail safe, their emergency chute.  Worse than that some have come having No plans at all and found this as a cool place to be.  This industry is really not a natural progression from any other industry.  It has stand alone principles, and mindset even though there are some similarities to other industries.  I have not taken a survey but I would not be surprised at the low number of retired Secret Service that come into this CRAFT upon retirement.  I am not talking about those USSS Agents that may have left the job for other reasons and see this as a natural progression, or in some cases an unknown digression from what they are trained to do.

What is your Plan-A for this industry?  Do you have one?  Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.


  1. Billy Martin

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. rodney c. noel

    My plan A is the become a competent EPA, period.

  3. Reginald

    To create a Security network with contacts world wide.

    Laughing last laughs the best!!!

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