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keyboardWe are one of industries that has a glossary of terms as thick as the book of executive protection.  Client, principal and protectee in many cases are used for the same person, when in fact 2 of them are the same and the first one does not always mean the person we are protecting.  Site assessment, site advance, protective advance work et al are also used loosely but are far from being the same thing.  If you ask me to conduct a site assessment you will get a thorough overall perspective of the site.  There will NOT be any security related matters in the report.  I will tell you everything you need to know about the structure, where the doors are etc but there will not be any relative security information in that report.

Our industry terminology is a mixture of official, military, law enforcement and private sector languages all put together.  At times we experience the same issues that is experienced when you travel to the south and have a hard time understanding someone, who is speaking English but with an added “draw” with the word “finna” sprinkled on every sentence.  They are speaking the Kings English but the dialect is what throws you off.  I’m finna get off message so let me get back to the point.

Early last year I touched on this topic loosely and had started a list of commonly used terms, defined them as well as commonly misused terms.  On that list I had also listed terms that I saw used that I had NO idea what they meant however just about everyone on the post knew exactly what he was referring to.  I wondered to myself if we are an industry of various dialects and if so, does that benefit the industry.  Not too long after that I was on a detail where I instructed a specialist to “Push” to the next movement and he looked at me like I was speaking another language.  When I finally approached him and asked if he understood, he said, “Not really.”  I told him that he was the site advance specialist for the next location and that he could leave and prepare for our arrival.  He replied, “Oh you meant Leap frog to the next location.”  After we were done for the day I explained to him the difference that “Leap Frogging” is the methodology of “Pushing” personnel ahead and that “Pushing” was the verbal command.

If you think this is something that you would like to participate in OR you have terminology that you are unsure of or don’t understand, submit them to me and I will add to the list.

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