Answering all of your questions about the CMEPS

CMEPSI have had many people contact me about the Certified Master Executive Protection Specialist Course (CMEPS).  In June of 2013 the Anti Terrorism Accreditation Board (ATAB) reached out to several individuals that ATAB considered to be the leaders in the Executive Protection industry.  ATAB searched out individuals that had years of proven Executive Protection experience and training to assist them in developing a Cutting Edge, State of the Art training certification program for Executive Protection professionals. Professionals from all areas of protection, Celebrity, Dignitary, Corporate, Personal, Event, VIP and Hostile Environment PSD operators collaborated bringing forth their skills, expertise and training to develop what I feel is the most comprehensive and thorough Protection training certification program available.  I was fortunate enough to be able to be part of the “Beta” training and Examination program for the CEPS and CMEPS programs.

ATAB developed these programs to answer the need in the industry for standardization and professionalizing the training of responders.  With so many PSD contractors returning and entering the work market ATAB wanted to assist them with transitioning their skills into the corporate environment as well as transitioning the corporate and dignitary professionals with the skills necessary to work in more hostile environments.  While terror attacks are very infrequent and not likely to be part of your everyday protection detail the training is designed to make you more competent in responding to a Navy Yard, Pentagon, DC Sniper, Boston Marathon or Westgate Mall type attack.

The CEPS course addresses 19 areas of concentration covering 92 topics.  Upon completion of the online portion of the course candidates are required to complete a classroom module of training covering areas such as Protective Movements, Tactical Training, Motorcade, CPR, AED, ASP, OC, IED, Room Searches, Vehicle Searches, Defensive Tactics and Formations.

The CMEPS course is an advancement of the CEPS program with much more in depth concentration on Surveillance Counter Measures, Behavioral Awareness, HUMINT, TSCM, EOD, Tactical and non Tactical de-escalation of violence, Advanced Hostage Survival, Threat/Target Engagement and Crisis Management.  Overall while time consuming and at times exhausting I came away from this course with the knowledge and confidence that I can address just about any situation that I may encounter.



    Eric you hit the nail on the head brother…this is great stuff…..congrats once again….you have given me vision….I promise you I will be next to or close to your level soon enough….thanks again…..much respect…

  2. Raffaele DiGiorgio

    Finally, instead of asking, where did you go to school? Who have you worked with? We have something that answers the question behind the questions.

    What do you actually know?

    I am 100% behind this and anything that helps to establish a competency and evidence-based certification for the industry.

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