Countdown to the 2014 Summit – “Shift in MINDSET”

Summit flagWell it is that time again!  That time that many have been waiting for and that time that others have waited to happen AGAIN.  It’s that time to meet new people and put a face behind a profile pic and the same time to see old friends and colleagues.  More importantly for me, it is that time to CHANGE mindsets, perspectives, direction in a specialist or service provider’s careers.

Last year I introduced the 4P Process©™ in my presentation, “Getting Noticed by the Decision Maker”.  This year’s attendees get to see the entire 4P Blueprint©™ which includes the second half of the 4P Process©™.  This is the critical section which focuses on the – SELECTION PROCESS.  I will show you how the 4P Blueprint©™ is not just a theory but a systematic process that works.  There will be specialists in attendance who have benefited from it since last year’s SUMMIT.  I will leave it at that to save the moment.

SpeakersI will also be answering ALL questions pertaining to the ATAB [Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board] CEPS [Certified Executive Protection Specialist] and CMEPS [Certified Master Executive Protection Specialist] certifications during the weekend. I look forward to seeing everyone.  #seemeatthesummit


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