Shedding some LIGHT on “Unfinished business”

Once again I want to give another perspective of one of the attendees at the recent Front Right Seat II Leadership Elevation Protocol Symposium.  Unlike Tommy Smith’s perspective, I had no tangible relationship with Kevin Ghee prior to his attendance.  He will explain that we crossed paths once and communicated via social media messaging.

Of all of the previous written experiences that I have posted in the past, Kevin’s is raw and comes from a place of limited connection with me or BPI.  Since his acceptance to attend the FRS-II we have a more extensive bond.

pyramidThe Elevation Protocol!

By Kevin Ghee

It started with a picture being posted. Of the six I knew personally, four. I reached out to them. “Hey what’s that thing about?” The two I was on the phone with started to laugh, responding “it’s the next level bro” says Bojangles. “It’s gonna enhance what you know and teach you what you think you already know” says Chuckles. Thanks. I hung up from that call knowing as much as I did when I placed the call.

I then reach out to my brother Chilly Willy. “Man what’s up with that picture?” “It’s for real bro.” he replied. Okay, now I’m intrigued. If I didn’t know these dudes I would have taken it with a grain of salt as if it wasn’t what they purported it to be as I know many of you are. But see, I trusted these guys. I’ve trained and I’ve worked with these guys. There’s no reason to lie or be coy with me.

It wasn’t about me though and I would soon find out. Okay, I’ve never been the type that was afraid to go to the source so I reached out to Eric. Now Eric and I have met only once at this point and that was at the first Icon Summit. We didn’t have much interaction but by how he started off his segment “No, the one with the wedding ring on but I like how you think” (you had to be there) I knew he was cut from a different cloth. So over the next year we had sparse conversation via inbox. He reached out to me when my mother died and we conversed about things unrelated to EP.

So I send him a message. How can I get on this invitation list? “If you ask then you disqualify yourself” he replied. Now I didn’t take it personal because I understand how some things must be done. So we continued our communication about other things.

One day I receive a message, “I don’t have your email.” If there was a hyper space button on my tablet I would have hit it to ensure he received it before he finished that breathe. So I send it with anticipation. Then it hit me, “damn, he suppose to send me some other information unrelated to this FRS course.” So I patiently waited for an email not anticipating its anymore.

I received an email notification. I open it and there it is in black and white, my invite. So I immediately hit up my friends who participated in the first class to let them know I was in. They all congratulated me but still no in depth insight. And I’m so glad that they didn’t give it to me because it would have severely taken away from the experience of going through it.

Hotel booked, flight booked, car booked, being as I’m coming back to the east coast friends and family I had to schedule time with. This wasn’t going to be an easy week. I arrive at the hotel and meet up with other guys I was familiar with in name only. It was great seeing them and putting names to a face.

Day one. Information is disseminated. Based on my background I don’t really process pressure the way most do. I digest it and break it down. I’ve seen the looks on some faces like, whoa. Information was great. I couldn’t wait for Day two.

Day two. We get into class and we had an assignment to go over and then the only way I can describe the rest of the week is to compare it to when I just started as LEO in Philadelphia. My first tour was day work. It was my squads last week on day work before being shifted to night work. And anyone who has worked LE in an urban environment knows that night work is high paced, next level shit. Non-stop, must be on point, no time to think when you should be doing. That’s what day two and on was about.

The course and information tied it all together for me. It built on the training I had. It helped to lay the mortar and place the perfect ashlar to my unfinished pyramid. “No one course can teach you everything about EP” Eric would go on to say throughout the week. I get it. Working in EP and training for EP there are known – ‘knowns”, the things you know that you know. Then there are known – “unknowns”, the things you know that you don’t know. Then there are the unknown – “unknowns”, things you don’t know, that you don’t know. Then there are unknown – “knowns” meaning things that you think you know that will be revealed that you do not.

Working mainly in the entertainment world you don’t necessarily get to use all you “know” or think you know as it relates to Executive Protection. Working the entertainment side usually sets a specialist up to be at a disadvantage because he’s usually by him/herself. I’ve even worked with a client who had multiple agents but there was no form to it. They operated in the unknown – unknown.

See, the Front Right Seat is more than a destination; it’s a way of doing things, a process, a protocol. Everyone doesn’t understand the protocol. It’s really like the matrix, it’s everywhere. This is when it clicked for me. This is why the others, my friends, and my brother couldn’t tell me what it was because unfortunately no one can be told what the matrix is. You must see it for yourself.” It’s the blue pill red pill” philosophy and we all know that everyone won’t swallow the red pill. Most will ignore the need for a class like this. Some will even dismiss it as some chest pumping egotist, filling his narcissistic cup to overflow status and that couldn’t be further from the truth. What this is – is a separator. It separates those who want to grow from those who think they know. Whenever one is enlightened he then sees a thing from a different vantage, through different eyes. His/her ability to thin slice becomes magnified. It takes the solo operator and scares the shit out of him because the light switch has been turned to ON. He sees the unknown- “unknowns”, the things he doesn’t know he doesn’t know, for what it is. He’s now venturing into the known – “unknowns”. Once embraced, it can do nothing but make him/her a better protector. For elevation to exist separation must occur.

That’s just logic!

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