He maybe quiet but Neckbone gets his “BACK” into it…..

10157113_766792636717615_6626922529527853941_nIt has been awhile since I posted a blog but it has not been for a loss of topics, ideas and concerns.  Running a business and maintaining client Relationships has been and still remains TOP PRIORITY on a daily basis.  Although I am posting this blog, let there be no mistake that I did not write it.  This blog or after action report comes from one of my own.  This specialist and my relationship launched the BPI Mentor program and started me pushing the whole mentor program on the industry.  To this day, I still feel that the term “Mentor” in the industry is a misleading catch phrase and too frequently used to replace “Access” to someone via telephone.  Anyone that has dealt with me on this platform can tell you that it comes with no idle time.  My time is limited so you WORK for those moments I set aside for you.  Deadlines are just that DEADLINES and fix this means FIX IT.  Undivided attention goes both ways but that is explained on the front end.

As I stated at the last Summit in Orlando, ” I am NOT the best mentor for everyone, but the ones that I do mentor, I make sure I am the best for them!”  With that said, I asked Tommy Smith to write an honest after action of his experience at the most recent FRS-II Leadership Symposium, withholding nothing except for the proprietary information and structure of the week. I knew that Tommy came with self imposed expectations he placed on himself as well as being known as the first mentee.  He performed as advertised and as I sat for dinner on the final training evolution where he was the detail leader, I said to myslef….”This is a BPI run shift on this evolution.” I was proud but not surprised at what I saw.  Here is his experience in his own words:

F-ront R-ight S-eat

Born leaders identify opportunities, inspire employees and manage resources to support a defined agenda.—Billie Nordmeyer

After receiving the email initiation to attend the FRS-II Symposium, and deciding to accept the invite, I knew I was in for a rude awakening. A course, conference, symposium or whatever name you want to use is ONLY as good or in this case as GREAT as the person/s speaking or presenting.

I’m sure by now, everyone in the craft knows or at least have heard the name Eric Konohia, Pineapple, The Corporate Beard, Bridge Builder, etc., etc., etc. I think you get the point! The MAN is a DIFFERENCE MAKER! So, there is and there was no doubt in my mind that I would be attending the FRS-II! Although some of you may feel that I’m biased, and maybe I am just a little. But why not be when this one individual has changed my life for the better from the very first conversation we had together. If you follow Eric or read his blogs, then you should know my story. And if you don’t, I suggest you go back and find the blogs where I’ve been highlighted. Eric is my mentor! And I like to consider myself his protégé.

That however did not guarantee me an invitation! If you noticed, I attended FRS-II, not FRS-I. Before going to the FRS-II, I begin to question myself and my ability. The time spent talking to my mentor had become almost extinct. At least in my mind! I went from talking several times a day to once a month if I was lucky. Although, I work full time for Eric and BPI, that makes me no more important than anyone else. With the success of the mentor program Eric created, many others begin to reach out for his guidance and thus decreased the amount of time he had once had solely for me. Not to mention, Eric having to run BPI with multiple Fortune 100 & 500 clients that he’s responsible for providing protection for.

Fast forward…After the first day my head was all screwed up! All I had been taught in an EP course could not prepare me for what I had just been exposed to. For anyone who thinks they are ready for “REAL” EP after leaving a basic EP course is SADLY mistaken. The barrage of info that Eric shot at us on the first day alone was worth the price of admission. I found myself filling in all those empty spaces of uncertainty. Everything came together and started to make sense.

Day two and the s*** thickens! And why shouldn’t it?! He also is known by some as the s*** starter. We started the morning off going over the homework assignment we were given from the exercise the day before. We followed that up with adding more information to the exercise, which completely flipped your original thought process of handling the issues with the original exercise scenario. The day continued with multiple motorcade procedures and walking formations with the entire team.  His standardized concept was much different than what any of us had learned before.

As the week continues, we got deeper into the area most providers of “MAJOR” clients WOULD NOT and WILL NOT share with you! Eric gave us the “secrets” to his success as a company owner and provider of EP services. A lot of people speak about what they are doing in the craft, but I can honestly say not many are doing it on Mr. Konohia’s level. And I have thirteen other men out there that can attest to it. Eric showed us, let’s just say some NUMBERS. If those guys came into this with any doubt, I can honestly say that after they saw those numbers, they BELIEVED then.

I won’t go any further. All I will say is, if you are one of the fortunate ones to receive an invite to any future FRS Symposiums, there is no need to second guess your decision. You will be doing yourself a great disservice. I walked away with the knowledge and confidence that I can be put in any leadership position on a detail, and perform my duties without doubt or misunderstanding of what is expected of me.




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